WinXP programming question

I did RTFM, and could not find anything to do what I want.

Is there a set of WIN32 programming functions that would create a file shortcut?

I’m working on a configuration utility to run at boot time, and I need to put some non-existant shortcuts into the system startup folder. THis is supposed to work automagically, so manual creation (the only way I know to do it right now) is not an option. I looked through the file functions and saw nothing; looking for explicit shortcut routines turned nothing up, either.

Once the shortcuts exist, I have a good grasp on how to use the file functions to get them where they need to be.

Look for CreateLink in the Shell API.

It just occurred to me that CreateLink isn’t actually a function in the API. I’m just so used to calling it that I started thinking of it as being part of the API.

Here’s an example from CodeGuru that should get you started:

Gus has the correct answer. But you might find the example here easier to use since it is not tied to the dialog.

Cave, I actually used code from your example over Gus’, because your’s wasn’t tied to a dialog box (simplicity). It took a little twiddling but I got it to create a shortcut to Sol.Exe, and placed it in the startup directory like I wanted. Now I have to edit my program to change all the innocuous and experimental manipulations to the ones I really need to make happen.

I’m satisfied it works, and a big thank you to both of you for helping me out.