Wireless computer keyboard + Mouse WTF

In order to hook up my laptop display to the large screen TV- though that has drifted down to medium screen- I got a wireless keyboard and mouse. This way they computer can stay near the TV and I can be on the couch, all is happy.

So I got a wireless keyboard and mouse for about $25 at the office store that sounds like Naples. It came with a mouse, keyboard and some very small wireless USB thing.

It also came with this ‘quick start guide’. which had steps to follow, most of it was pictures, not words, which makes it better and easier to understand, but harder to translate. I will do my best:

Step 1, turn on your f’n computer, if it is not on already

Step 2, plug this thing in the USB port

Step 3 turn on the Wireless mouse and Keyboard (locations of switch shown in the picts), and there was also a tab thing to pull out to connect the battery, also in this step 3

Then they boldly stated ‘your keyboard and mouse is now working.’ My first reaction was, no I must have missed something, but not seeing any things higher the 3 on a quick glance, I took the risk and used the mouse. It worked, then I dared to try the keyboard, it too worked. I was in shock and awe. How could this happen? what about all the geeks and nerds out there? How could they ever survive if computers actually worked without their assistance.
How can anyone be so thoughtless of having a new computer part not need a geek? It’s simply not right :wink:

Did you update the hex codes in the registry using a hex editor? No? Oh, man, you’re so doomed! You’ve got checksum bits spilling out all over your floor, ruining the carpet. Should have used a USB condom. Oh, well: too late now. Your CPU is pregnant…

Seriously, yeah! The technology is impressive. I’m using a wireless mouse, and it’s a nice change from having to untangle the cord all the time. My next keyboard will likely be wireless.

Even if, y’know, hackers will be able to read my keystrokes from a mile away…

I like the way the drivers are embedded either in the device or the USB receiver. I’ve been using wireless track balls for my desktop and laptop for a while. I fairly recently made the jump to a wireless keyboard. They’re good.

Just wait till your mouse battery gets low, though; it will start doing freaky things, or not doing anything much. Helps to remember to turn it off when you’re not using it. For whatever reason, the keyboard batteries seem to last a lot longer.

also give the mouse batteries an occasional rotate in place to keep the connection good.

I have wireless mouses on both pc’s but no wireless keyboards. OK, one of the pc’s is a notebook so I guess that doesn’t count. I do have a graphics tablet with a wireless adaptor that is really handy.

If you start having problems, you’ll have to re-install Windows, unless you’re using a Mac, in which case you’ll have to install Windows.

I dunno… I’m pretty sure it isn’t working, and you just don’t know it yet.

If you do any banking online, you should probably go close all your accounts now. And if you have an email address book with people you care about in it, it really couldn’t hurt to start calling them all and apologizing in advance. And, do you smell a kind of a hot plasticky smell?

Moved to MPSIMS.

b b b b but, wireless devices don’t work in MPSIMS

Just wait for MPSIMS2.0.

See? That’s what happens when you have a properly-written manual! :slight_smile:

Have you rebooted your computer yet? You might need a geek sooner than you think. :wink:

I’ve had one of these things stop a computer from booting as long as the USB receiver was plugged in. So to reboot I had to pull the USB receiver out, let the computer boot into windows, then plug the receiver back in, and all was good.

“Windows has detected you have no keyboard plugged in. Press “enter” to continue.”

My dad’s last wireless mouse did that, except only after a hard reboot. It was fine for a soft reboot.

His Blackberry still does that, but, fortunately, it never needs to be plugged in while booting.