Wireless headphones for TV?

Total non-techie here, needing some shopping assistance if you please.

I’m hoping to find some wireless headphones as a present for my husband. Well, he’ll be wearing them but they’re really to save my sanity as it seems that his need to watch murder, explosion, and mayhem generally coincides with my need for a little peace and quiet.

We have a Vizio, model VO32L I believe. I have no idea if it’s already set up for such a thing, or if I’d need a bluetooth? type device also.

Price is not much of an object, but I assume I can get good quality for $150 or so.

I’ve done a bit of googling, but only succeeded in confuzzling myself even more.


I have these Sennheiser headphones for one my televisions. They are quite comfortable and accurate and they will work fine with your Vizio TV. They use standard stereo audio (RCA) outputs from the TV.

I paid about $125 when I bought them several years ago, but I see that Amazon has them for $54.00 now. Great deal, in my opinion.

Have you ever owned regular, corded Sennheisers, and if so, how do the RS120’s compare to them?

I’ve used Sennheisers in studios, but not at home. The wireless Sennheisers compare very favorably to my Sony MDR-V600 headphones, though.

I have a pair of basic wireless headphones that use a standard headphone plug, and can be used with anything that has a standard headphone jack. My TV has a standard headphone jack, and they work quite well together.

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A second for the Sennheisers. We bought a pair for my hard-of-hearing grandfather a couple years back; it was the first time he could reliably hear TV in years.

The audio quality is good, but not perfect. There’s a little wireless hiss added, and you’ll get wisps of static moving around sometimes.

From a pure cost to performance standpoint, it might be worth figuring out a way to run an actual headphone audio cable over to where your husband sits. If it can be done discretely, you’ll have way more options and higher quality. You can even get “surround sound” headphones with discrete drivers for positional audio.

Thanks, Mind’s Eye, Watering & typoink the Sennheisers sound like just what I need. Wireless is a must for me, because we have enough wires and cables in this house as it is.

If they’re wireless, why the plug/jack?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Because the headphones need to connect wirelessly to something. That something is the unit that you plug into the TV audio output jacks. Most televisions do not come with bluetooth configurations for wireless headphones. So you have to connect something to your TV for this to work.

I tried wireless headphones for a while but was annoyed with the, well, annoyances. There was a hiss and the pair I had also needed “tuning”: it would drift off frequency and I’d have to play with the controls to get it back. I decided to go low tech and have never regretted it. I got a 25 foot headphone extension cord and a good set of headphones and I love it. No hiss. No charging or replacing batteries. If the cord or the headphones fail, I can easily replace either one. I can upgrade the headphone quality much more easily, since there are so many more corded headphones than cordless.

Just me, but maybe consider it.


To explain further, the wireless connection is not built in to my TV. Rather, I have a completely separate wireless transmitter (about the size of a paperback book) that I can connect to a TV, amplifier, MP3 player, computer or anything else that has a standard headphone jack. I plug the transmitter into the headphone jack, and it broadcasts (wirelessly) to the headphones.

And, like several others in this thread, I actually prefer a good pair of headphones with a really long cord.

I think probably the best sets of these things sell to gamers - but you can use them for regular TV watching, just flip the microphone up and disconnect the cable meant to go from the headphones to the controller. One I know is good with full 7.1 surround in a wireless package is: http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/xbox-gaming-headsets/ear-force-x41.aspx
Connect the audio out on your TV to these, I believe it supports both optical outputs, and analog in the form of RCA (red/white) or headphone jack. Note for any headset that RCA can be converted to 3.5mm headphone jack, and almost all TVs have RCA audio out.