Wireless TV headphone system

My father-in-law is very hard of hearing, so when he watches TV, the volume is cranked WAAAAAAY up. We’d like to get him a set of wireless headphones, preferably with built-in volume control so he can hear what he wants to hear without blasting the rest of the household.

I’ve tried searching various sites using whatever terms I can think of, and I end up getting telephones, music headphones, gamer headphones, and home theater speaker systems. Is “wireless TV headphones” too obscure a search term?

Better yet, can anyone here recommend such a setup so I don’t have to search thru hundreds of listings that should never have shown up in my results? And I assume I’ll need something that attaches to the TV to transmit the signal to the headphones, duh - I can’t believe my google-fu is so weak. I would have thought this was a straightforward search. Help, please!!

My dad uses these RCA brand headphones. They work just fine.

When I went to set them up for him I found that there wasn’t an open jack on the television for them (oddly enough, called an “rca jack” - the red and white ones) because it was taken up by something else. But since he uses a cable box/DVR, I just plugged them in to the cable box and away we went. In this case, then, it wouldn’t give you sound from the DVD player, VCR or broadcast TV. Only sound from the cable box.

But you may find that dad has a free rca connector on the tv, or he might exclusively watch cable like my dad too.

I have these Sennheiser wireless headphones. I just checked and they are $89.00 from Amazon.

I’m happy with the sound, and they have volume control, balance and channel setting on the headphones.

Simply plug the base into whatever audio source that you want. I don’t know which TV your FIL is using, but there may be an “Audio Monitor Out” from the TV that would work well.

There are lots of other “wireless RF headphones” manufacturers out there and lots of other choices. Keep in mind that if all you are doing is listening to television audio, you don’t need extremely high-fidelity (expensive) headphones.

You just need a standard pair of wireless headphones, like one of these. Then you either connect it directly to the RCA jacks of your TV or get a $4 RCA to 3.5mm adapter cable (mind the genders though).

Thank you all very much! I knew I could count on Dopers to steer me in the right direction! Now my husband and I can talk to his dad with specific examples to share. Here’s hoping he won’t be to stubborn about using them… :smiley:

The Sennheisers that Mind’s Eye linked to above (RS 120) get strong reviews and have been around for awhile. Though I’ve never had need for them, if I were looking to buy, those are the one’s I would get.

Sennheiser has a number of more upscale models as well, but the prices go up rather quickly.

I have severe hearing loss and my Sony wireless headphones solved the problem in our house.

Don’t know about other people’s experiences, but mine are quite heavy. That may be something that you want to look out for. If you run across some that say they are lightweight, it’s probably worth taking a look at them.

They have RCA splitters that would allow you to plug two devices into the same RCA jack. Just buy two of these.

I’m also going to recommend Sennheisers. They’re among the best around and the rechargeable nature of these makes them easy to use long term.


I have these and I love them. I don’t have any hearing loss but late at night I use them for watching movies so I don’t disturb others that are sleeping.

Having the on/off and volume controls on the headset itself is really nice. I’ve had these for three years and they are still great.

I will third (fourth?) Sennheiser headphones. I have a pair of the following that I use to watch action movies late at night. Great sound and comfortable


My father has been wearing hearing aids since his days as a Navy gunner in WWII and the blaring TV has long been a major annoyance.

Several years ago I bought him the TV Ears headset. He tried it once, didn’t like it, wouldn’t wear it. My mother uses them and loves them.

Dad gets his hearing aids from the VA. He mentioned the TV thing to his doctor there and they sent him the Sennheiser SET840-S. Results were the same as the TV Ears; he tried them, didn’t like them, wouldn’t use them, and since Mom was using the TV Ears, I got the Sennheiser set … very nice.

What finally solved the problem was the TV Ears Wireless Speaker. It now seems eerily quiet to walk into their house. Dad always had a wired speaker next to his chair but still had to blast the TV to hear it. I don’t know why, but with this speaker he can hear it with the volume way down. It really really changed the atmosphere in their house, really. Can’t recommend this thing strongly enough.

Definitely, definitely look at TV Ears headphones as opposed to the Sennheisers. Sennheisers are VERY good wireless headphones, but TV Ears are designed for exactly what you’re looking for here. They emphasize the vocal range to it makes dialogue much easier for hard-of-hearing people.

My grandfather had Sennheisers for a few years and used them, but still had trouble really making out dialogue especially in shows with background music. After trying TV Ears at a doctor’s office, he made the switch and has been able to hear much better.

Another thing: just turn on closed captioning. I’m hard of hearing. I often use closed captioning so I don’t have to turn the volume up so loud. Also helps will BBC programming, or any other programs where the voice is indistinct.


Can two people listen with their own headphones to the same television set?

At first glance it’s not obvious whether the headphones always come with their own dedicated transmitter, or some do and some don’t. How do you tell? I might like a pair elsewhere just for music from a source that already has bluetooth. Is the radio in all these cases bluetooth?

Any thoughts or comments on ones that are also noise canceling? Or are all powered headphones noise canceling these days?

Any number of headsets can listen to one transmitter but you may need extra charging stations. The TV Ears system charges two headsets, the Sennheiser only charges one. I don’t think either is bluetooth.

Noise cancelling is a whole different category for specialized uses.

My FIL ended up getting Sony system and he’s really pleased with it, as is the rest of the family. It was funny seeing him walking around, feeding the dog, taking out the trash, fetching the mail, all while wearing his headphones. And the rest of us could have conversations without yelling or, in my case, I could read in peace while he watched his endless hours of the Golf channel.

A wonderful invention!!