Wireless network help needed (repeater?)

I have set up a wired/wireless network with d-link dsl wired router connected to a desktop (wired) and to a d-link wireless access point which shoots the signal over to my laptop pc card.

I wish to extend the range of the access point so it covers the otherside of my house. Is it possible to just get one more wireless accesspoint and plug it in to power (no wired connection) so it will act as a repeater?

I would think a access point connected directly to another access point (maybe through a hub) if set to different channels should work but that’s a lot of $. Can I do it with one AP?

since the wireless base would remain permanent, and the laptop would keep moving, i suggest placing the wireless access point in the centre of the house (or nearer to where you want wireless access on your laptop). all you need are longer lan wires to allow you to place the wireless AP anywhere in the house. Your Wireless AP should ideally be able to cover atleast a 100metre radius indoors.

here are some further tips:

in the off chance that you have a 20mile long house, you might wanna try this: