Wish me luck tonight

Mrs Magill is flying up to Maryland tonight to interview with the conpany which wants to move us up there. That’s not what I need luck for.

Pinky and I are taking care of each other. That’s right. I am being left alone with a one-year-old. Sure, he and I have been left alone for an afternoon, but never overnight.

I’m sure we’ll be fine.

I hope I remember to get him from daycare tongiht.

Beware. The chances of projectile poop occurring are directly proportional to how far away your wife is from home. Ditto on projectile vomit.

Last night was just regular poop and was refreshingly vomit free. We did really well, in part due to plenty of prep work on my part Monday night.

I think he missed his mother, though. Shortly before his bedtime, he was asking, “Ma-ma-ma Da-da?” He would then get up and walk to our bedroom to look around.

Aaawwww… emits high pitched squeals audible only to cats

That’s so sweet. Poor baby…

My problem recently with a boy baby is I got peed on. We offered to let a couple of friends have an adult night, and took the little fella in. He wasn’t too bad at first, but then he kinda turned into Hell Baby. He didn’t destroy anything, or puke in my mouth, or anything like that; but he just became inconsolable after a while, and after about an hour or incessant screaming, we were just like “What? What do you want? I’ll do it, I swear! Do you know any words? Bottle? Yes? No? Aw, c’mon, throw me a bone here!” Finally I was on diaper duty. I thought the kid was finished. I picked him up to move him from diaper A to diaper B, which I had laid out all nice right next to him, and whizzo, he hit me square in the chest. I think that’s the first time I’ve been urinated on by anyone. Boy, I can’t wait to be a parent.

Anyhow, good luck, man.

So, how did it go? The interview, and the night-alone-with-toddler?

From what my wife tells me, the job is hers for the taking. This company was putting the hard sell on her. I think she was a bit unprepared for how small Lexington Park is. (See this thread for details.) We have plenty of fodder for thought.

After two nights and one morning alone with the boy, I have come to the conclusion that most of his yelling is designed to attract his mother’s attention. We had two of the most quiet nights and the most peaceful breakfast I’ve seen. True he didn’t really want to go to sleep last night, but I think that could have been due to his longer-than-normal nap on the drive home from daycare.

Don’t worry about how small Lexington Park is. Maryland itself is small enough that you can be in a major metropolitain centre in less than an hour - from most places. The Baltimore-Washington Metro area is MASSIVE and you will be able to get whatever you want at almost any hour of day. And, some of us MADs are pretty darned welcoming, as well!