Wish me luck

I’m having a mental breakdown right now. I was diagnosed Schizoaffective in 2005 which is basically schizophrenia and bipolar combined. I tend to cycle more towards the manic. So, because of my edginess, and anxiety in this manic type breakdown I’m having. So far no real schizophrenia type symptoms with this breakdown so far. However, I am voluntarily entering into a mental hospital right now and I need some support. Not that I’m new to mental hospitals, but I’m going to one I haven’t been to before and I may be gone for as long as two weeks. So, wish me luck please. Hope everything is going ok for all of you.

Be well.

Wishing you hoards of Luck! And tsunamis of best wishes!

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Good luck and all the best.

Get well. I hope you get to say, “But I’m feeling much better now.” (Buddy’s catchphrase on “Night Court.”)

My uncle was schizoaffective, and it was balls for him. You already sound like you’ve got one up on him, though, because you’re aware of your diagnosis and entering a hospital voluntarily. He was in denial and violently resistant. I have every reason to believe you will get through this and wish you the best throughout this difficult time.

Break a leg!

I hope the stint helps. Gotta be rough to have to deal with it. Is it basically a life long affliction that really will never go away?

I hope you find the help you need and feel much better very soon!

Good for you for being brave and taking action. I have a close friend with schizophrenia and have watched his struggles. He is in a good place now and lives a happy life, but there were many trials and tragedies before he got there. I would not wish either bipolar disorder or schizophrenia on anyone. I wish you luck and that you find the appropriate treatment for you with the least amount of suffering.

I’m pretty sure you’re one of students (one of five that I know of; it’s been a wild school year)…

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