Wishlist: Casting the Superhero Movie

Christopher Reeve will forever be Superman to me. On so many levels he has inspired countless people around the world, and I am still extremely saddened on his passing. He was loved, and he will be missed.

For every Christopher Reeve, there have also been some duds when it comes to filling the boots of heroic icons (cough! Halle Berry Catwoman! cough!).

So in a light-hearted mood (it’s Friday for me), who would you like to see cast as a superhero? I think Hollywood could do well to listen to the fans!

For me:

  • Hugh Jackman as Hawkman (he’s tough looking and beefy enough to do the role justice)

  • Timothy Dalton (circa “The Rocketeer”) as Tony Stark, Iron Man

  • Kate Beckinsale as the Black Widow or Scarlet Witch

  • George Clooney as Wonder Man!!!

We just made a long thread on this very topic in the last week or so. Check it out, and feel free to weigh in there with your own choices, or comments on ours!

Thanks, Big Bad Voodoo Lou!

I missed that thread, but then again, I’m kinda new to SDMB (but not to MBs in general so that’s why I took a plunge).