Witch Hazel

Does anyone know what this stuff is and what it’s used for? I see it near the rubbing alcohol in the pharmacy. I looked at the ingredients label, and it said:

Ingredients: Witch Hazel. (d’uh)

It’s aftershavey , and I think it stops bleeding from minor nicks and cuts.


Yeah, it’s a botanical.

This link describes its botanical origins: http://www.bartleby.com/65/wi/witchhaz.html

This one is a commercial site highlighting its many uses: http://www.vermontwitchhazel.com/about.htm

It apparently feels good, doesn’t harm.

It’s also a wonderful astringent. Cleans your face right up.

It’s great for hemorroids…or so I’ve heard.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) , leaves & bark, are traditionally used as an astringent, most often for skin conditions and hemorrhoids. It’s one of the more longstanding botanicals that’s remained on the shelves for decades, the most prominent brand being Dickinson’s . Witch Hazel with isopropyl (yer good ol’ rubbing) alcohol if IRC.
For more info, check outhere.

At any rate, it’s a right fine plant that flowers in the fall, and is always swell to come upon during a walk…pretty little yellow flowers when everyhing else has crapped out, and real fine to find if you know what to do with it over those long-sitting winters.

It also is wonderful for the little water blisters and the itching that results from sunburn.
Unfortunately I can vouch for it’s effectiveness.
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I’ve never heard it used as an after-shave, but it doesn’t surprise me. I use it as an astringent, and to sooth bug bites and sunburn.

It’s also good for cleaning gooky ear wax out of your dog’s ears. As long as it’s just gooky ear wax, and not an infection.

A good Witch Hazel flush after your dog goes swimming also helps keep them from getting ear infections. (Doggy Swimmer’s Ear) Works for people, too.

If your child bumps their head, and there’s really nothing else wrong, a Witch Hazel compress is helpful. It smells like medicine, so they think “it must do something.” (And make 'em sit on the couch 'till the smell goes away. They won’t be bumping their head again anytime soon, cause that’s a smell that lingers.)

Witch Hazel 1,001 uses.

Does anyone know why it’s CALLED “Witch Hazel?” When I was little, I always pictured one of Samantha’s more glamorous relatives.

In this sense, witch or wych refers to a tree with supple branches. It is related to the word “weak”, but not to the word “witch” meaning enchantress.

WH does not work as an effective astringent or cleanser, for me anyway. I tried it once (because SeaBreeze® is so damned expensive) but it failed to remove the day’s grime from my rosy cheeks.

It’s not a cleanser - more of a pore-toner. Use it after you’ve washed for best results.

LUCIE----Thanks for the info. I’m gonna try that. However; to be used before or after the cold water rinse? Use on a towel dried face or “damp”? Air dry or towel dry after using?