Without Halloween and Thanksgiving, would anyone buy pumpkins?

It’s Halloween, and everyone’s got a hollowed-out, smiley-faced pumpkin on their stoop. Millions of pumpkins sell this time of year, and millions more will sell next month in preparation for everyone’s favorite post-turkey dessert, pumpkin pie.

I can’t think of any other use for pumpkins (“casual use”, if you like) outside of these two holidays.

So…if these two holidays were suddenly to disappear, would anyone bother buying pumpkins? Is it all a conspiracy by the United Pumpkin Farmers Of America to begin with?

There is a contest in Delaware every year called the Punkin’ Chunkin’ something. Its a contest to see who can propell a pumpkin the farthest by what ever means. It was in yesterdays news.

Pumpkin pie tastes good all year round and is available all year round.

Cooking pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet with some butter and a sprinkling of salt

That alone would be worth enough to buy a pumpkin…yum

Cooking pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet with some butter and a sprinkling of salt

That alone would be reason enough to buy a pumpkin…yum

Of course - whenever you have a roast dinner, it’s not complete without roast pumpkin (and roast potato, and roast parsnips and roast sweet potato)

Damn straight. 'course we haven’t figgered out anything else that they’re good for. But then again our football team is called the “Blue Hens”.

Not a whole lot going on in here in Delaware.

College cafeterias? Mine served pumpkin pie about every second day (ugh…)

Pumpkin pie won’t go away even if the Thanksgiving tradition shifted overnight. Even if nobody had them for Christmas (my family sometimes does), either, plenty of people would have them without needing a specific event. I would, for one.

Same with pumpkin seeds, for that matter.

I can’t think of any other use, outside of jack-o-lanterns.

So the sales would bottom out, but they wouldn’t drop to zero. I can’t help but think the price might go up, though, and some small-time local sellers (the people who sell pumpkins out of the backs of old pickups) would doubtless lose any ability to sell them.

My cousin had tiny little individual pumpkin pies (pumpkin tarts?) on the buffet at her wedding reception a couple weeks ago. I thought it was kind of odd (though tasty), but maybe if the idea caught on it’d help keep the pumpkin farmers in business.

It would be a minor vegetable, like some of the squashes. It might even be a delicacy!

Did anybody else notice that Thanksgiving should happen AFTER Hallowe’en? Cuz the stores order millions of pumpkins and always have way too many on Oct. 31. What else would you do with them? Today they were just giving them away.

On a trip to Australia a few years ago Ms Hook and myself found that they eat great amounts of pumpkin year round. No pie (far as I can remember) though. They chunk the pumpking up like melon and stick it on the buffets. They also make pumpkin soup, which was pretty good.

They seemed amazed when I said practially no one in the US eats pumpkin.

I think it as something to do with there hanging on to the earth upside down or something.

Not In Anger: In the US, Thanksgiving happens the fourth Thursday of November. It’s the 27th this year.

When is it in Canada?

Yep, yep, yep. I must confess, sometimes when we have a pumpkin pie around, I’ll eat a slice for breakfast. Don’t look at me like that…people eat donuts for breakfast, why not a slice of fruit pie? And a pumpkin IS, biologically speaking, a fruit.

They are good for stealing off people’s porches and then smashing. Great fun!

Lynn, why should it be at all unusual to have pie for breakfast? It’s unfathomable to me that anyone could anything but, if there’s pie in the house.

And I’ve heard that elephants love them, too, though most of the pumpkins they eat are leftover jack-o-lanterns from the zoo’s Halloween decorations.

Second Monday in October.
Wow, it’s actually refreshing to see a Canadian make a statement that ignores the Americans, instead of the other way around.

I’m gonna go eat some maple leaf cookies and watch hockey.

pumpkin pie, pumpkin bisque, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin icecream… I love pumpkin! I did take a break from this a few years ago when I got the bright idea to cook some fresh pumpkin to make a pie instead of using the canned stuff. So I went out and bought a 20lb pumpkin thinking, “well, it is hollow, how much can there be?” Yeah, I’ve wised up considerably since then. Anyway, I cooked it (some in the microwave, some in the oven, some boiling on the stove), then I pureed it (ended up blowing out the motor on my quisinart), and would up well over a gallon of the stuff–and you only need about a half cup for a pie. So I became well versed in pumpkin recipes.

But even if it weren’t for Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’d still be buying pumpkins–small ones, though.

I carve jack o’lanterns NOT because they look spooky or cool… but because if you take the lid and coat it with cinnamon and a sprinkle of nutmeg, and then put a candle in it, it slowly roasts the lid and makes the whole house smell like pumpkin pie.

…and THEN you roast the seeds, make the pie, etc., etc., and so on.

It’s a rite of Autumn at my place.