Without reading the thread, and without much thinking, name your top 3 pop culture heroes

Shel Silverstein
Betty White
David Gilmour

David Bowie
Lou Reed
Robert Crumb

Franz Kafka

Bob Dylan

Billy Wilder

ETA: without any particular order, just my favorite author, musician and songwriter and movie director.

Bob Dylan
Elmore Leonard
Samuel L. Jackson

Muhammad Ali
Bob Dylan
Dusty Springfield


ETA - read the list now - I was the first to mention Ali?? Wow.

I appreciate the Dylan love in this thread.

Pete Seeger
Joan Baez
Arlo Guthrie

Isaac Asimov
Stan Lee
Quentin Tarantino

Tom Waits
Elmore Leonard
Bob Dylan/Quentin Tarantino (tie)

A second for Pete, nice. He really was amazing.

And a second for the Good Professor.

Terry Pratchett
Tina Fey
Joel and Ethan Coen

Stephen King
Fred Rogers
Dolly Parton

Steve Howe
Dave Grohl
Kimi Raikkonen

I never think much.

Robert Heinlein
J.R.R. Tolkien
Frank Frazetta

Bart Starr

Vivian Stanshall
Samuel R. Delany
Alfred Hitchcock

Janelle Monae
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Ursula K Le Guin

Ayn Rand
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Harvey Milk

As per the OP, no read-through or second guessing myself. In no particular order:
Jackie Robinson
John and Paul (Lennon and McCartney)–I’m counting them as one
Lucille Ball

Hank Aaron. I saw his first career home run in a home game. At the time, he was a lazy, self-centered player. He matured quickly as a quiet gentleman. If he ever experienced racism, he never wore it like a badge.

From entertainment, I first thought of Elton John, but I haven;t followed him closely enough to know why.

Third, let’s say Gwen Ifill, for status, intellect, character and professionalism.

ETA cace against the speeding clock – sorry, didnt know i souldnt add annotations