Without reading the thread, and without much thinking, name your top 3 pop culture heroes

Do not read the other posts before posting, and please limit your list to just 3 names.

Authors, musicians, actors, sportsball players, reality TV stars, whatever. Name your top 3.

It will be interesting to see if any Dopers match up 3 for 3.

I will post mine soon.


  • Cary Grant
  • Katherine Hepburn
  • Ryan Reynolds

The last one is the one I’m most flexible about and subject to change without notice.

  • Bob Dylan
  • George Carlin
  • David Letterman

(in that order)


Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, Billy Bragg.

Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien
Pete Seeger
Lou Gehrig

Stan Lee, Roger Corman, Quintin Tarantino.

ETA: If I allowed myself a few more seconds to think about it, Chuck Jones would have made the cut.

Captain Jean Luc Picard

Detective Lennie Brisco

Bob Belcher from Bobs Burgers

David Bowie
Stephen King
Audrey Hepburn

Frank Zappa
Lester Bangs
B. Kliban

Jim Henson
Terry Pratchett
Rowan Atkinson

Bill Bradley
Jesse Winker
Mr. Ed

*the OP did say “without much thinking”.

I posted without reading like you said and I seem to misunderstood what you meant by “pop culture heroes”—I thought you meant fictional characters but I guess you meant real people.

If that is the case:

Patrick Stewart

Stan Lee

George Lucas

J. R. R. Tolkien - massively popular fantasy writer (and inspired the world of roleplaying too)

Pete Townsend - creative genius behind the greatest rock band ever

Jesse Owens - incredible Olympic athlete, despite the racism in his country

Ayn Rand
Frank Zappa
Clint Eastwood

Jimmy Buffett
Donald Bellisario
Robert Jordan (RIP)

William Shakespeare
Stephen Sondheim

Very nice list.


Dav Pilkey
Johnny Cash
Mick Foley

Dolly Parton
Hilary Clinton
Princess Diana

  • David Letterman
  • George Lucas
  • David Lynch