WMD FOUND IN IRAQ! Girl's brother has pictures! (or, episode 2)

Today, in English class, we were reading about the UN’s human rights act and all of its articles. Knowing that my teacher is very aware of what is going on in the world, I quipped that the US was not a nation that followed the act when asked what countries do. Sure, an old and tiresome joke, but politics does not spread fast at my school. Somehow this began to evolve into a discussion with this girl in front of me. Her brother, being a bomb recoverer guy (?.. mines or bombs? She SAID bombs but how many duds can there possibly be?), stopped home on his way to Germany and brought with him pictures. Pictures of bombs.

Well, once this was realized, I moved on and thought no more of it. Soon my teacher and I began to speak of politics. Just general before-November discussions, chewing the fat and expressing our opinions. A joke was slipped in from either one party or the other on Bush’s unjustified war - WMDs, primarily.

Random Insane Girl - “No, they found WMDs.”
Me - “Er, no they didn’t.”
RIG - “Yes, yes they did. They found some nuclear bombs.”
Me - “No, no they didn’t. If they found any WMDs there would not be so much talk about NOT finding WMDs right now.”
RIG - “Naw, my brother found some. He has pictures and he showed me. I will bring them in for you. They just have not released it to the public.”
Me - “Aren’t you part of the public?”
RIG - “Yea, but doesn’t matter. No one knows about it but trust me, they found WMDs.”

Granted, she could just be unaware of the huge implications of what finding WMDs would be, or it could be part of her heritage. Her father tried to scare my friend into thinking she was going to hell and her grandmother once practiced witchcraft but doesn’t anymore because she found the lord and was saved.

This has been one hell of a week for me.

Zebra, I used to work with children. The very young elementary schoolers would often tell fantastic stories about what their older siblings had done. The stories were rather entertaining as they were clearly impossible and often internally inconsistent, but given their little world, they truly believed them.

I’m grasping at the miniscule possibility that you are just a very gifted writer, and your classmate is not actually older than 10.

However, when she brings in those photos, be sure to scan them for us, ok?

A lot of ordinance has probably been recovered from various dumps , her brother probably has pictures of shells and aerial bombs, just it seems kind of odd that the UBX guys would have uncontrolled pictures of special ordinance(nukes , bio , chem)

Sounds like it was an interesting conversation


Do the pictures show the brother leading the bombs about on a leash?

Before we get too much deeper into this thread: ordnance explodes. An ordinance tells you whether you can explode stuff inside the city limits. [/nitpicky military dork]

I think there’s a human pattern, “My side is in the right”. When the facts seem to undermine the rightness, it is (emotionally) necessary to invent fix-up facts, or believe the inventions of others.

If the person starts from the gut feeling that these people deserve to be blown up, you get this kind of justification.

I don’t know what to do about this in a discussion. If you are addressing the evidence, they feel their loyalty is being attacked. How do tactful people deal with this? Anyone?

If her definition of WMD is “anything that explodes” then I’m sure there are lots of things fitting that description. :dubious:

Bush has just let the girl keep the photos until one week before the election. Then they will be released. He would have let one of his his advisors keep them but they keep leaking stuff to the press.

Now only Becky, Lisa, Jennifer, Ginnifer, Marcy, Trish, Sekita, Brittany, and ZebraShaSha know. :stuck_out_tongue: