WMD Found in U.K.

Yes, that’s right, W.M.D. found in Scotland. In this case I they got got mixed up and the W can only stand for whisky.


US spies monitor whisky plant

A distillery manager has told of his amazement after learning that US spies hunting weapons of mass destruction had been monitoring his whisky plant. Bruichladdich Distillery on the island of Islay was contacted by the Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), after an agent clicked on to the distillery’s website.

The woman revealed the organisation’s interest in the whisky plant after alerting the distillery to the fact that one of its webcams was faulty.

"They said they had been monitoring our webcams because the process of making something very innocuous and pleasant is close to making weapons of mass destruction, apparently.

“We just think it is the funniest thing we have ever heard.”


I reckon I have found the explanation, actually - it seems that spellcheckers (mine anyway) think that the Scottish island ** Islay** is a typo for Islam.
Heck, I could not make this stuff up!

Second thoughts - maybe I could after enough whisky, I suppose.


I hear this guy interviewed on the radio - apparently they found out they were being spied on because one of their webcams went down, and the DTRA called them to let them know. What the hell kind of intelligence agency is that?!?


Whisky of Mass Drunkenness… This is just so fucking funny.

Oh heck, no - calling them might suggest a certain lack of secrecy. Dear me, no - I think a woman clicked on their website, and helpfully remarked that one of their webcams was faulty.

So that’s all right then. :slight_smile:

Methinks I will keep a weather eye out for more news of this DTRA lot. To borrow from Flann O’Brien’s list of cliches, it “might be funny if it were not so tragic”.
Still, It should keep DTRA busy,a s there there are a fairi few distillieries to monitor/spy on/waste time on.

:smack: Oh well, I was half asleep when I heard the broadcast.

Tsk tsk - you know you really must pay attention to keep up with these “Intelligence” Departments, you know.

Well, I have had no sleep - my one braincell is powering down - wonder if they’d give me a nice job over there?


Mmm…Whisky of Mass Destruction.

They must be incredibly bored eh ?
I would rather be faced with whisky of mass drunkedness, might make them all see how utterly ridiculous they all are.


DTRA - Department of Tracking Real Alcohol?

Hey they can see pink elephants for all I care, just as long as they do it peacefully. :slight_smile:
(Or even the Invisible Pink Unicorn, PBUH)

Good one, young Mr. Stibbons -:slight_smile: - but, wait, you being at an Unseen University, and these good people seeking unseen weapons, um - just be careful - you might be next on their list. I mean, when they make an appointment with someone who can write, so as to make a list, of course.

The distillery’s virtual tour now has headlines such as:

Spot the Weapons of Mass Destruction!


Can you see Osama McGillivray?

Ah, bless! That’s superb.

Not sure why they think Scotland has taken to making these bang bang toys with all the visibillty of the Scarlet Pimpernel: I really think they ought to be paying more attention to the brewing and, distilling and even culinary industries, of, say, Khalmakistanof which Iain Banks has written such thoughtful and intelliigent reports.

Silly silly daft spooks! Booze, not bombs!, say I.

Yea, they’re “monitoring” and maybe they need some samples so they know the Scots, you know, are REALLY making whisky.

Noq there’s a peace movement I could get involved with.

Well, it makes enough sense to me. :slight_smile: After all, whisky is usige beatha - the “water of life” - not the “water of blowing people into tiny wee messy bits”.


heheh- Drink! Feck! et cetera.!