wn-3 Free cigarettes.

Has anybody ever heard the rumor that on every pack of marlboros (rip off the bottom (on the opposite side of the miles) and where it says wn-c (x being any integer number or the word “lifetime”) ( <-- that part is true (not neccisarily for “lifetime” though) : this part is the possible UL) what ever the number is you can somehow reedem it for that many packs of free marlboros, and that somewhere out there is one that says lifetime. But the catch is, yuu can only do it once in your lifetime so you want to wait until you get a big number like 20 (2’s, 3’s , and 4’2) are common (well only ones that I’ve seen).
I don’t know what the deal is with the theory but I’ve been checking every pack of my cigs for as long as I can remember (well at least a couple of years) and will forever no matter what they say. (I’s kinda become a game to see what the highest number I can get is (I think right now it’s 4)

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I have yet to hear that one, but there was a similar rumor going around when I was in high school. The one I heard was that if there was a 2 on that side of the box, it meant that those were the cigs involved in some kind of contamination and hadn’t been sucessfully recalled yet. It’s totally impossible to belive now, but at the time kids were really scared to smoke the “2’s” and would ask poor convenience store clerks to go through the entire stock to find a “non-2”.
Because of the similarity of these rumors, I’m inclined to believe that it’s an urban legend.

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Sounds suspiciously like a lot of ULs. (Tootsie Pops, Rolling Rock, etc.) Since I can’t see where the company would get any real benefit from an under-publicized publicity stunt, my guess is that this is just another one.

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BTW, a “lifetime” supply of free “coffin nails” doesn’t really sound like that good of a deal.

A co-worker just mentioned this. He claimed that you could only send them in once a year, 40 at a time, and that you were supposed to send them to the same adress that you send Marborol Miles to. I think I’ll do a little research on this.