Who is the guy with the "Cigarette" Sig?? I need it

I really need the Sig that goes somewhat like this:

“Some Guy, hasnt had a smoke for two years three days… thats 1800 cigs not smoken, $700 saved and 2 weeks added to my life”

or something to that effect. But I need the original signature because I need to include something along those lines for an essay I’m writing. PLease, if you could help I would be very happy.

That would be Satan. He hasn’t been posting lately due to life. Ask Drain Bead if she can email him for permission to use the sig…of course, I don’t know either of the two, so if they’re offended for my use of their names in here…my apology in advance.

That’s Satan, and it technically ain’t his sig line, else he’d have to change it quite frequently.

Go do a search for his posts and you’ll find it. I don’t think it’ll be that hard for you to figure out how much life/$ he saves per cig not smoked, but maybe that’s just me.

Good luck.

Thanx Guys. this helps.