Wolverine's Berry Rampage WHAT?!

Fuck you Baskin Robbins! And probably to Marvel Comics as well, for allowing Wolvie to be used like Baskin Robbins’ nightly bitch.

As a former (OK, forget the former part) fan of the Wolverine character in Marvel’s X-Men, I can’t believe the commercial I just saw. Wolverine’s Berry Rampage Sundae? I think the fuck not.

Were Wolvie to make an ice cream concoction (an unlikely event in itself), it would be more like Wolverine’s Metal Magnum Split, with Blood Sauce.

What’s next, Logan selling Disney videos? Damn advertisers…

Well, after the crash of the industry in the 1990s, I think Marvel latches on to every dollar, no matter how much it prostitutes the characters.

And instead of a spoon, you’d have to eat it with a razor sharp claw.

If anyone should be Baskins Robbins’ beotch, it should be Cyclops. But I don’t know that they make ice cream in wuss flavor.

What I want to know is, why doesn’t Pyro have an ice cream cup?

And did you catch the neat Baskin Robbins placement in the movie? Hint: it was the same scene with Iceman and the Dr. Pepper.

I’m just surprised that X2 got such lousy merchandise tie-ins. I would have expected McD’s to get in on the action, or Burger King at least. But instead, Baskin Robbins, whose other movie tie-ins are stuff like Spirit, Stallion of the Cinnamon and Shrek’s Donkey Chunks. Small time stuff; pretty pathetic.

I saw an ad for this stuff and had the same reaction you did. What the fuck? Wolverine doesn’t get ice cream flavors named after him–he appears on beer bottles and cigar bands, if anything.

If you were tying in Storm with The Weather Channel or Gambit with a shady riverboat gambling operation, that I could understand. Jesus, why not let Bobby be the ice cream spokesman? Wolverine’s job is to kick your candy ass from white to bittersweet and back again–screw this sundae shit!

(PS–slice, I’m dying over here. Wuss flavor! Hee!)

Well they added the word “rampage” in there. Jeez, what more do you want? :wink:

Appropriate Wolverine product tie-ins:
Beer (and it probably should be Canadian)
Hair gel
Ginsu knives

Inappropriate Wolverine tie-ins:
Scented body wash
How to Make Friends and Influence People
Ice Cream

As for the Cyclops “wuss flavor” ice cream, I suggest a neopolitan varient: vanilla, thin stripe of strawberry , vanilla.

Somehow, I could also see Logan doing a kickass Mountain Dew ad. All that self-healing and adamantium goodness.

Jeez… let’s hope they don’t get Wolvie doing Herbal Essences ads next. I like the Band-Aids idea, though… at least that would be funny. :wink:

Dammit, I thought this thread was about Wolverine rampaging Hale Berry. Damn you. Damn you all. Stupid ice cream.

They should style an ice cream flavor after Rogue’s powers.

Mmmm, coma inducing goodness.

Sorry, when I read the title, I thought the Berry you were referring to was Halle (Storm), and that she and Jackman had just done something Pit-worthy together.

mmmm… Halle Berry sundae…

Or Shadowcat’s powers…

It’ll go right through ya!

Along those lines, I don’t think I wanna know what Nightcrawler’s BAMF! Sundae will do…

Oh, wrong thread.

No, every thread needs a little vagina.

Or a big vagina, as the case may be.

“Ms. Avalonian, the blockage in your kidney was caused by the inexplicable sudden appearance of some mint chocolate chips.”

I don’t see Wolverine being very talkative as a spokesperson. Perhaps for, say, outdoor gear; you might get him to go “Yeah, these boots are pretty good.”, but that’s all, and only one take. :slight_smile:

I do think there should be a Professor Xavier’s Flavour X ice cream. No, you don’t know what’s in it, or what it tastes like, but for some reason, you really want a scoop of it anyhow…

What about a flavor based on the Mimic? ALL flavors, rolled into one!

Actually yes. When Disney Bought Saban, they now own the 90’s X-men Series along with Spiderman and Power Rangers. They realeased a few episodes. And quite good ones i may add. Its out under “The Legend of Wolverine”.