Woman Chases After Peeping Tom - Proceeds to Jumps in his Bed

Well, the bed of his pickup truck. I’m not sure if she’s brave or stupid. I am sure she looks like Reese Witherspoon though.


She couldn’t just get his plate number?

Pretty ballsy and dangerous move. She probably could have just gone with the plate number, but what if she couldn’t positively identify him in a lineup? At least this way, there’s no doubt it’s the guy.

Cute dogs.

Well, she’s right about that, and apparently he was doing it for months and to other women as well. He is a convicted rapist and may have eventually escalated his behaviours, so while I think she got lucky, escaping with bruises from him beating her and a twisted knee, it could have been worse, whether she acted as she did or not. I’d like to think I would have snagged my baseball bat before running out the door, but at least she had her cell-phone, arguably a more useful tool than the bat.

Crazy pug owners. :wink:

An update:


This guy’s not the first person this year to be arrested for peeping in her windows according to the latest article.

Don’t you think if someone has already been arrested outside your window and then another guy’s been routinely looking in your windows, that maybe just maybe you’d install some miniblinds, pull your curtains, set up a motion-detector flood-light or something? Or, just run after the guy and jump in his truck as he speeds away.