Woman marries the Eiffel Tower

Truth is stranger than fiction. From The Telegraph:

I wonder what its vows were.

Any dude who fancies her after this is going to have a hard time…uh…“measuring up” :wink:

I saw a similar article recently about the Mrs Berlin Wall referred to in your link. I wonder if she considers herself a widow now that the Wall has been torn down?

That Leaning Tower of Pisa… he’s quite the catch.

Falling in love with the Eiffel Tower; does she really expect that to work out? It’s completely and utterly nuts.

He’ll never leave the Arc de Triomphe and she knows it.

It’s certainly a riveting story.

I remember reading about her about 8 years ago. At the time her webpage explained that she (Mrs. Berliner-Mauer) was previously engaged to a guillotine that she had built in her living room, but the engagement ended and subsequently she married the Berlin wall. Her webpage ( http://www.algonet.se/~giljotin/eija.html ) doesn’t seem to have as much information as it did when I first saw it back then.

P.S. I seem to recall her saying at the time that the dismantling of the Berlin wall in 1989 had not invalidated her marriage.

It’s going to take some iron constitution to make that marriage work.

“Her first infatuation was with Lance, a bow that helped her to become a world-class archer, she is fond of the Berlin Wall and she claims to have a physical relationship with a piece of fence she keeps in her bedroom.”

I’m concerned about that piece of fence. Besides the question of splinters, I wonder if she should still be seeing it on the side now that she’s married. Of course, the Eiffel Tower being French, it could be in the mood for a good old-fashioned menage a trois.

Someone should have told Mrs. Eiffel that sometimes a tower is just a tower.

I presume she expects to be elevated on her wedding night?

I wish her well, but you know this marriage, like any other, will have its ups and downs. Especially given her current fence-sitting. [d&r] Her upstanding hubby will need a steely resolve to put up with her architectural groupie ways. (I wouldn’t be surprised if, during this summer’s Beijing Olympics, she were to develop a crush on the Great Wall of China.)

And if she lets him do the cooking, she’s going to need an iron constitution…

So if she’s still married to the Berlin wall does that make her a polygamist?

Which is why she girders her loins.

Well, at least she’ll always know where to find him.

The lady in the OP (Erika la Tour Eiffel) is married to the Eiffel tower and was never married to the Berlin wall - she is just fond of it. The lady who is married to the Berlin wall is a different person (Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer).

Ahh. In that case, it sounds like a relationship would should all aSpire to. I’m sure their love towers over all others.

Her love must be building.

Has she consummated the marriage yet?

And if so, how?

Is there a family in their future–perhaps a cell antenna tower, or a frisky little water tower?

Very carefully.

“Till rust us do part,” obviously.