The woman who married the Eiffel Tower

This is Eirika Eiffel, who attached her romantic inclinations to the Eiffel Tower. As her Wiki bio shows, she’s hardly the sort of misfit who marries convicted murderers or hoards cats. An accomplished archer who competes on the international level, as a USAFA cadet she confronted institutional rape-acceptance with a bokken (instead of a katana, demonstrating more than reasonable restraint

Single men may voice discouragement with the lament “even Hitler had a girlfriend,” but it seems even inanimate tourist attractions are getting in on the action too. What does the Eiffel Tower have that you lack? Besides a 980’ erection?

What more does it need? :stuck_out_tongue:

And it can last for 124 years too!

Does this mean nobody else can marry The Eiffle Tower or are inanimate objects allowed to have multiple spouses?

Is the Tower cheating if another woman climbs Him?
(Assuming the Tower is a Him)

So uhh…how did they consummate their marriage? :expressionless:

She needs to go to yoga a few more times before trying that.

Can’t be cheating as she has a relationship with the Berlin Wall too.

Indeed, she’s found a spouse who’s even less emotionally available.

According to this bio pic:

She has also been in love with some of the bows she competes with.

Immunity to throat cancer.

This is a woman for whom, undoubtably, size does matter.

She sure does get around, she’s been with the Golden Gate Bridge too! :eek:

I wonder if she’s done Stonehenge and the Pyramids too.

Wow. She’s really fooling around on a monumental scale, isn’t she?

Then she’s a homewrecker.

The Berlin Wall is already married. (And Mrs Berlin Wall has posted here.)

in the comments:

“Still a better love story than Twilight.”