Woman sentenced to 2 days in jail ends up serving 5 months

Oops. :stuck_out_tongue: This will end up costing the county.

Well, after 154 days drug free maybe the woman will attend NA meetings and stay clean? There’s always hope she’ll turn things around.

I’m guessing she was homeless? No family to raise the alarm that she was in jail too long.

It also emerged that Hoffman’s incarceration was ordered without a hearing or legal counsel.

Yeah, I’d say she’s going to get semi-rich off of this. But it does make you wonder why she didn’t start asking questions of her jailers somewhere along the 5th or 6th day, much less month. It’s not like she was in solitary.

A roof over her head and 3 meals a day? Sometimes jail beats living on the streets.

Now she’s entitled to 148 “Get Out of Jail Free” daily passes? Speak up, woman!

:eek: There were two cases like this in that jail.

Out of sight, out of mind I guess. Geez what a screw up.

Indystar is the local newspaper source for this story.

Pretty much everyone there is going to be telling anyone who will listen how they don’t belong there. If you are clean cut, polite, and well spoken that will be perhaps 2% of the employees. If you are not all of those things it will be zero. Since this woman was in for trying to cheat on a UA, odds are good that she was dismissed, and more than likely mocked.

So who would a prisoner ask for help? Even this lady’s appointed lawyer seems to have forgot her for 154 days.

Complaining to the guards probably won’t do any good.

I’m not sure if you’re just an eternal optimist, always seeing the glass half full, or what… Ms. Hoffman doesn’t appear to be the indigent sort in her mug shot.

She looked kind of rough in that mug shot. I figured if she had a home or job somebody would have raised a fuss when she didn’t get released.

But we don’t know much except she was in a drug court program.

And that she bleaches her hair. I don’t think homeless people bleach their hair.

And your version of “kind of rough” is referring to a picture of a girl who just isn’t wearing makeup. Google “meth pictures” for those who I think look kind of rough.

At least they remembered to feed her, unlike prisoners in certain other incidents.

I hope they don’t try to charge her for the room and board they supplied her.

No kidding. She looks perfectly normal in that (rather blurry) photo, if you ask me.

The OP is also someone who recently referred to Tonya Harding as “really showing her years,” when she doesn’t really look much different from many other somewhat overweight women in their 40s.

I’m sure, given his high standards, that the OP is a model of physical perfection, though.

When I was detained for an alleged DUI that never went to trial or conviction, they held me for 48 hours including a prison transfer chained at hand and feet to other prisoners. At no point in time did the guards provide any information on when I would be released. At the time, I didn’t know about the 48 hour maximum for DUI probable cause, so as far as I knew, they were going to hold me for weeks or years without seeing a judge.

When I asked a guard, when I would be released, he said he didn’t know but that I could fill out a “complaint form”. After I filled out said form, they transferred me from the municipal jail to a prison with barbed wire fence around it. I asked a couple other guards the same question, and their response was always “I don’t know” or “I’m not free to say” and have me fill out a paper form.

Being processed into the prison involved a group strip down and anal cavity check. The jail cell walls had feces on it, and the toilet was not private. Many of the inmates were delirious. The guards referred to prisoners as “bodies”, and much of the time there weren’t any guards around to keep watch. The meals were about 700 calories of the same food every day. I don’t know why anyone would want to stay there for any amount of time even for free.

In short, my guess is that she may have asked questions but the prison guards were less than helpful.

It’s hard for me to think of any drug addict as “attractive”. She was caught trying to manipulate her drug court urine test. That shows experience gaming the system. Drug court gives addicts a chance to clean up instead of serving a prison sentence. Rehab, drug counseling, and testing are all administered by the drug court.

Complete non-sequitur, totally irrelevant. You said that she “looked kind of rough.” That’s an aesthetic judgment.

I never made any argument about whether she tried to manipulate the system, or what her sentence says about her as a person. I’m not even arguing that I find her attractive. I’m just saying that she doesn’t look rough at all in that photo.

Nope. As I explained to many a prisoner, we don’t decide when you go to prison and we don’t decide when you leave.

It’s annoying to me that this was a case of a judge screwing up and a lot of people are going to blame the prison.

What recourse does a forgotten prisoner have? She’s stuck at the jail, if there isn’t anyone there she can say “Hey, I’ve been here 5 months and I haven’t heard anything about anything, where can I get information” it basically means she can be stuck there indefinitely without trial.

And… what does her “attractiveness” have to do with the injustice of being given a two day sentence then literally forgotten for five months? Only pretty people are entitled to fair treatment or something?

The inmate looks Lindsay Lohan-ish to me. There are jillions of crackheads around my town that look similar to her.