Woman shatters glass ceiling; man sues

That’s the headline. The story itself reveals that they had to work at it to nuance that particular headline:


This reads like one of those exercises they have in law school, where you might have to decide such fun stuff as whether a pole dancer is an employee or an independent contractor, and whether there was a latent defect in the shoe, so that the manufacturer of the shoe should be added to the action.

For the lawyers out there, this reads like a modern Palsgraf. For “glass strip-club ceiling,” read “railroad scale.”

Seven years bad sex?

Only if he caught something else from the stripper instead of just a shoe in the face. :wink:

“I’m at a strip club with a mirror shard in my eye and I can’t stop crying”

I never considered having an accident at a strip club. Beats getting trashed by the bouncers.

Well thats better than seven years no sex.

I was thinking we were going to be reading about Romney v Palin.

They’ve been talking about this on the radio lately. There was another guy at another strip club who lost one eye in a fight. He went back a month later to the very same strip club and lost the other eye in another fight. No reason to go anymore, I guess. :smack:
Bad year for strip clubs…