Woman swallows table knife.

oh, ya, you betcha, it is a hoot. come on up!

I see a lucrative new line of work for this woman - sword swallower.

Oh, my, yes.

The only thing that has made me doubt my chosen partner in life is that he doesn’t have the wild affection that I have for the Mutter. We even got let in for free since they were closing early for a reception and they felt that we’d be overspending to not have the full experience.

Class AND Giant Colons.

Could be, but not likely. Ipecac’s pretty unusual, even for bulimics.

People who throw up a lot (those with bulimia, sure, but also some unfortunate chemo patients or those with GI disease) eventually do it without gagging. Just takes practice, it seems, but they can open their sphincters and reverse peristalsis without the “hurk hurk bleargh!” thing.

I bet sword swallowers don’t gag when they throw up. They’ve got the sphincter control down to an art.

I’ve puked without gagging twice - once when pregnant, and once when ill with gastroenteritis. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was just this oddly gentle stream of vomit with no effort or pain whatsoever. It was almost pleasant, as vomiting goes…


Makes me think of Scrubs-
Guy one: I fell on it.
Guy two: Fell on it.
Guy three: Fell on it.
Guy four: I was bored!

and also, the guy with the light bulb gave us this gem from Dr. Cox-
“Either this guy’s got a light bulb up his kiester, or his colon’s got a great idea.”