Woman swallows table knife.

Here’s what it looks like

I wonder what her husband thinks abou this?

He’s probably thinking “No more excuses from her!” combined with “That bulimia thing keeps her SO, so hot.”

If you’re going to prove you no longer have a gag reflex, for fuck’s sake demonstrate with something that impossible to actually swallow.

I volunteer.

Other objects found in other patients:


From the linked article.


'cause Listerine just isn’t enough to combat taco-breath.

Edit: Awesome catch, Pat. :p:p

Doc, you’re going to look for it with an XRay and not an MRI, right?

There’s an entire collection, filling a large storage cabinet, of recovered swallowed objects at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia (the Chevalier Jackson collection):

Reading that article made me squirm in my seat. Blech!

“Honey, when I said I wished you would swallow, that’s not what I meant!”

That storage cabinet must be right next to the other one full of souvenirs recovered from people’s other ends (Straight Dope, March 8, 1986), and the cabinet full of collectibles found in other bodily places (Straight Dope, December 21, 2001).

Does all that stuff have any nutritional value?

How much cooler would this story be what for a single comma in the thread title between the words “table” and “knife”?

Note that this is often not intentional. People use wire brushes to clean their grills and this can sometimes leave bristles left behind. Later, when food is being cooked on the grill, the bristles are picked up and then eaten. The advice is to carefully check the surface of the grill before cooking. See this CDC article for details.

Cal Meacham:

And a sort-of mural made from objects recovered from the stomach of one woman at the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri. (link).

I have *got *to get to that museum someday.

I suspect the husband already knows of her lack of a gag reflex. But this is the 2nd knife she’s accidentally swallowed? Something’s fishy here.

Waitaminit…the implication is that she had made herself throw up so many times she no longer had a gag reflex.

So how does she continue to make herself barf? Ingest something nasty?

Edit: Answer to my own question, from Wikipedia:

You really should. The Mutter museum is phantasmagorically awesome.

My first thought was “…and to think they want to outlaw Bucky Balls. You can’t fix stupid.”

Several years ago I worked at a teaching hospital in Tulsa. The medical library had a display created by one of the proctologists on staff of items removed from the rectum.

(before someone else says it… “rectum? Damn near killed 'im!”