Women and Birthdays

Are members of the fairer sex persons who give higher regard to birthdays and anniversaries?

In our office we hired a two women lawyers and one clerk recently, before that ot ws a guys place and they are always wishing people and bringing a little cake for the person at lunch (like today).

Women are, by and large as a general rule of thumb, the keepers of the little social niceties like celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, buying Christmas gifts, putting out clean hand towels before company comes, etc. As with everything else in life, some of them get more whipped up about it than others.

I take it you’ve never heard the Jeff Foxworthy joke “Honey, did we get my mother anything for Christmas this year?”

Eh, it’s a socially acceptable excuse to fancy up a drab office environment with a little color - balloons or what have you - and break up the monotony a little bit. Also … and this is the very important part … it’s an excuse to have cake. Cake!

It’s cake, my good man, so don’t complain.

Yes. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates are stored on the second Y chromosome.

Someone said cake?

Eh. I suppose I break the mold. The last two women I’ve been involved with are people who are not particularly invested in birthday celebrations or anniversaries. Meanwhile, I am the complete opposite. My ex-wife even used to refer to me as her social secretary.

I’m not complaining, though. Even though it’s completely my nature to be this way, I tend to get lots of brownie points with random people: “You remember your anniversary??? That’s SO sweet!”

It’s a living. :slight_smile:

The whatnow?

Close, but no cigar. Very few people have two Y chromosomes – it’s the Y chromosome that determines maleness. Genetically normal males have XY, females have XX.

I’m not big on birthdays at work, honestly. I can see others decorating and say, “Oh! Is it their birthday?”

D’oh. :smack:

Um… the birthdays are kept on the second X chromosome. I’m not sure where I keep the stupid.

I don’t give high regard to dates in general. That goes for birthdays, anniversaries (both good and bad ones), holidays, etc.

I heard that too. Where’s the cake?

Yeah, I suck at remembering that kind of thing, while my husband is our social secretary.

I can get behind the idea of cake, though.

Maybe I need to go back to a job where I don’t work with any women. The ladies around here are always baking cookies, and putting balloons in people’s offices when it’s their birthday or anniversary, and I find it to be incredibly annoying. We even have some stupid “fun committee” designated to such annoyances. Sometimes they’re a real pain in the ass and will throw mini parties in one of the conference rooms preceded with an e-mail invite and multiple reminders.

I don’t even care about my own birthday. My reaction to it is “Sweet, free drinks all day” and “Crap, I should probably do my taxes now.”

We better hurry - cake in the break room disappears in a big damned hurry.

I like working at places that strike the right balance between having cake and celebrating every little thing. Cake about once a month is just right. Cake (and everyone stopping what they’re doing and going over to sing and blahblahblah) every other day is too much.

Happy almost birthday?

Our last division director tried to get one of these going as a “team building” evolution. Thankfully, only a very teensy minority was interested, so the idea died quickly. Then the DD was reassigned and the guy who replaced her was more interested in addressing work issues than sunshine and lollipops.

Of course, if someone brings in cake for the heck of it…

Our pattern as well. I can’t remember our wedding anniversary date. I don’t care if anyone celebrates my birthday, in fact, I’d rather it was skipped completely as my birthday is at the end of a bunch of birthdays (my kids, my mother in law) that I’m expected to remember and make time for.

ETA: Gluten intolerant, so the cake think doesn’t even ring for me at work.

See- I thought you were being clever, since the guys DON’T have the second Y!

The stupid is on the first X chromosome. That’s why we all have it. :slight_smile: