Women - how often do you experience catcalls?

The other day I was talking on the phone w/ my 30 yr old daughter in Orange County CA. She says she and her fiance have really been isolating, but that the one time she has been going outside lately is to run. She says she feels great but it sucks that EVERY SINGLE TIME she runs at least one idiot guy yells or honks at her.

Stupid me in my insulated existence - I really didn’t think that sort of thing still happened as frequently as all that. I welcome other women to slap me upside the head a tad more to really drive in what assholes my fellow gender members are.

Guys - anyone willing to admit that they have ever honked/catcalled at a woman?

Not often - maybe because most people assume I’m male.

Still, catcalling is rude.

I’m almost 64 years old and carrying a little extra quarantine weight. Last week my new dryer went out and I had to go to the laundry room here at the senior park I live in. As I was leaving, a man that was probably about 80 years old told me he liked me very much, thought I was beautiful and then blew kisses at me until I was out of sight.

Could just be dementia.

No, you didn’t imagine it. He really did that.

LOL, I stepped in that, didn’t I?

Once is too often.

Pretty funny! :smiley:

I biked this a.m. w/ my 64 yr old sister and discussed this. She’s incredibly fit, but clearly not young, and clearly does not dress young or revealing. She said every once in a while some moron will honk or call out at her. Her reaction is along the lines of, “Seriously, take a good look. Your calling at THIS!”

You know, women can drive me crazy in so many ways, but so many men are just fucking assholes. Just blithely going about my business I can lose track of that.

I’m 36. It happens less often than it used to, though it’s hard to say how much of that is a function of my age, how much is the times changing, and how much is that I don’t walk around alone outside as much. I spent most of my 20s in Boston, without a car, and it was pretty relentless. Now I live in LA and drive most places, and when I walk somewhere I’m usually with my husband. It never happens when I’m with a man; the catcallers who don’t hesitate to make me feel like a piece of meat wouldn’t dare offend a man who might lay claim to me. But it does still happen sometimes when I’m alone.

Much more rarely now I’m older. The last really aggravating one I clearly remember was from about 12 years ago when some random dude followed me home from the train station

If a woman makes a special effort to look nice when out shopping, and another woman casually remarks about her nice outfit, is that considered rude? What if a man did the same? Would that be a catcall?

I grew up in the Dark Ages, when women appreciated well-meant compliments, but I’m having a hard time keeping up with the shifting boundaries. And the presumptions of misogyny until proved innocent.

If I don’t know you, don’t make remarks to me about my appearance.

Would you walk up to a man you didn’t know and tell him you like how well put together he looks?

I grew up in the Dark Ages

Can’t argue with that.

Someone dropped a jturd in this thread.

You moved the goal line from outfit to what’s under it. The presumption of mysogyny constantly hanging over our heads.

You poor poor old man. I am so sorry for the hardships you are going though. You have it so incredibly difficult. Please everyone, thoughts and prayers for jturd and his hard hard life of misery.

(You know who doesn’t have to go around with the presumption of misogyny hanging over their heads? People who aren’t misogynists.)

Typical, a SDMB thread asking women about being catcalled turns into a man whining about how he can’t catcall anymore and isn’t that so sad for him, men are the real victims here.

I said NOTHING about “what’s under it”. What are you talking about?

“How well put tother” is under the outfit.

It also means the outfit itself. “Jane, you’re always so well put together!” (Jane’s shoes and hat match her handbag and she has on a smart scarf.)

Men comment to each other about what they’re wearing all the time, if that is “put together”.

Why can’t I tell a woman her shoes match her bag?

No one said you can’t. JFC

Do you think she is unaware of that? Should she do a double-take and say “Holy shit, you’re right! What are the odds?”?