Women who like men with facial hair, did your father have facial hair?

I searched the SD for this thinking that this had been asked before. I couldn’t find anything.

My wife hates me having any type of facial hair, even that cool, two-day stubble that Don Johnson made famous a few decades ago. She hates the way the hair rubs her skin raw. So I’m stuck shaving just about everyday. Happy wife, happy life, right?

I’ve seen other polls here where there is a definite split among women who love beards and women who hate them.

It got me to wondering if women who think facial hair is sexy had a father that had facial hair. Maybe women who grew up with clean-shaven fathers never got used to the feeling of the hair and now it just feels uncomfortable?

My brother just had a daughter a few months ago and has let a full beard grow in. His wife doesn’t seem to mind.

My wife’s father never had facial hair and she hates facial hair. My sister-in-law’s father had a full beard and mustache and she seems to like it. I wonder if my brother’s full beard and mustache will influence my niece’s opinion in 20 or so years.

My biological father never had a beard that I know of, and neither did the stepfather I grew up with.

I tend to prefer men with a trimmed beard, nothing crazy. My husband’s is damn sexy.

My dad was always clean-shaven. My husband has a mustache and has had the entire time I have known him. I would hate it if he shaved it off. I once had a boyfriend who shaved off his beard and mustache while I was out of town without telling me and I was furious. (BTW I always spelled it moustache but spell check says in America there’s no o. Huh. Who knew?)

My wife’s father was clean shaven until late in life (well after she and I wed). She married me beard and all. She much prefers the beard. I tease her that she likes my beard as it hides much of my face! She has seen me clean shaven for a total of 12 weeks in almost 29 years of married life.

I marked “other”.

IHTH, 48.

My dad has a long ZZ Top style beard that’s exactly as old as I am. (The morning Mom woke up in labor, he decided not to shave, and never shaved again.) Generally, I prefer clean shaven or tightly trimmed facial hair. I kind of like goatees and circle beards, but of course I don’t admit that in cultured company. :wink:

My dad had facial hair at times. More often than not, I think. I do not like facial hair.
Some men look really good in a well trimmed beard.
My personal preference is to have guy with none.

My father grew a full beard when I was three and has never shaved it. I don’t like full beards on the men I’ve been romantically involved with, although I do like some facial hair.

My dad has almost always had a beard. I’ve liked guys with a beard and without. I’m not a big fan of mustache-only, ftr.

My dad never had facial hair because mom hated facial hair and thus with rare exception he was very cleanly shaven. Which was particularly bad since he had one of those fast-growing heavy beards that, in order maintain appearances, sometimes required a second shave to remove 5 o’clock shadow before going out in the evening.

About a year after mom passed away he grew a goatee and has had it ever since.

Meanwhile, I’ve always liked well-groomed facial hair on a man. Does my husband have any? Well, no, he’s got so much Native American in him he only needs to shave like maybe once a week and couldn’t grow a decent beard or mustache to save his life. So, while it’s a preference lack of one is far from a deal-killer for me.

My dad spent all of my teens and twenties sporting what I think of as a sailor’s beard. I like clean shaven men just fine, but I really like facial hair on men, especially the well groomed van Dyke or full beard.

Can I answer on behalf of my wife?

My dad had a mustache often. In fact I see him every day and I can’t remember if he has one now or not…

I hate hate hate facial hair on a dude. I’m sure they hate it on me, too :slight_smile:

My dad had a short full beard almost my whole life, so I encouraged my sensitive-skinned husband to try it. It makes him look more like a grown-up and he likes not having to shave.

My dad always had a mustache & would grow a beard off & on while I was growing up. We were never really close (both parents were cheating bastards) & I suppose it could be a part of some strange reason why I prefer my guys to be clean-shaven.

Some guys can look really neat with various beards & whatnot, but there is zero physical attraction for me. Oftentimes it’s a complete turn-off, but it doesn’t disgust me. It’s just NOT my thing. It doesn’t make a guy look more or less “manly” to me; it’s just there.

I have never, ever seen my father with facial hair. More of my relationships have been with bearded/mustached men than not. My husband goes back and forth, though I prefer him with a beard.

My father always had a longer beard or mustache and I find both completely unattractive, sexually. I associate the look and feel with my dad and it skeeves me out.

I like stubble a lot, and a very short, neat beard is okay. Just not long hairs, and definitely not weird patches (goatee, mustache, neckbeard). I think most facial hair looks gross and awful, honestly.

Luckily every man I’ve dated has been a regular shaver and is okay with accommodating my preferences.

My father sometimes had a beard, sometimes not. My husband has had a beard nearly the entire time I’ve known him. Mostly a neatly trimmed van dyke, although lately he sports a much bigger, bushier beard in the winter as a face-warmer.

I think my preference for facial hair on men is due to the double-whammy of seeing James Mason with a beard as Captain Nemo at the brink of puberty (mine, not his), and the influence of my older sister’s bearded boyfriends in the early '70’s. As a devoted little sister I wanted to be just like her and like stuff she liked. Add hormones and stir.

My dad never had facial hair, but I love beards or mustaches. But they aren’t a requirement for me to be attracted to a guy. He wouldn’t even need hair on his head.

As my male patterned baldness father said “Every man is given an equal number of hormones. If you choose to use yours growing hair, that’s your business.”

It’s interesting that my father no longer has facial hair and has for some time, but he did when I was growing up. I’m attracted to it now, for sure.

My father has mostly been clean-shaven. My preference depends on the guy; some look good clean-shaven, some don’t, some just haven’t found a facial hair style that works for them.