For those of you that love men: A hairy question for you.

I have heard it said that if you find mustaches to be attractive on a man*, there is a very good chance your father wore a mustache.

Simple questions:
1)Do you think mustaches are attractive on men?
2)Did your Father wear a mustache?

Note: If a beard is attached to the mustache, that counts as a yes.

In my case:
*If you find mustaches attractive on women, that is another poll altogether…

My male role model (grandfather) was clean shaven. My first and second husbands both wore facial hair. My current husband does not. I like him the best :wink:

I like mustaches on men, but I’m not too crazy about beards, with a few exceptions, very short trimmed beards look good on some men (as long as they’re acommpanied by a mustache). And I did like the scruffy 5 O’clock shadow thing that was kind of popular back in the eighties.

My dad was clean-shaven most of the time, I can only remember one time when he had a mustache and beard, shortly after he returned from Alaska from working with the Red Cross for the '64 earthquake construction.

I really really hate beards without mustaches. They completely creep me out.

  1. Ugh. No.
  2. Yes.

Hmm…well the “attached to a beard” thing has to be a distinction for me.

I hate mustaches. By themselves. They look ridiculous. With a beard, maybe. An excellent example would be the LoveofMyLife ™ who has a goatee with a mustache that looks very sexy.

On the other hand…I don’t have a father but my stepfather and my grandfather both had mustaches.

So…I prove nothing :smiley: .

Hmmm. Growing up, I always thought that any facial hair was a big bleah. I think it was perhaps because the moustache/beard obscured the face, and I wanted to see everyone’s face.

But as the years pass, I see that moustaches and beards can be attractive, depending on the guy. However, I am not terribly crazy of the goatees. Some look okay, but a lot don’t.

In general I am not overly fond of facial hair, but since some very attractive men have had them, it’s sort of a case-by-case thing for me.

My dad was always clean-shaven.

  1. No.
  2. Sometimes.

I don’t like facial hair (too itchy) but I am attracted to chest/ body hair.

  1. Not particularly, though I don’t mind them. Neutral, I suppose, provided there are not ridiculous moustaches.
  2. Yes, and he looks horrible without it.

By the way, this seems akin to the wider theory that straight people tend to fall for people who look like and/or have the colouring of the opposite sex parent. Which is scarily and Freudianly valid for me. Kind of freaked my out when I read about it. Could be complete coincidence, of course, but it would make an interesting thread on its own.

Sorry about the hijack there.

  1. Definatly not.
  2. Until I was about 10, yes.
  1. Hell no! Clean shaven, or at most a day’s stubble, but otherwise, bleaugh.
  2. Yes he does. In fact, in the 70s, he had a huge handlebar mustache complete with lamb chop sideburns.

same here. While I’ve no problem with a mustache as attached to a beard or goatee, I HATE HATE HATE them on their own. Just something creepy about them…I’m not really sure why.

Yes, my father did have a beard (still does in fact). But it’s always been a full beard, never just a mustache.

  1. Not really. I definitely DON’T like moustaches on their own. Beards can make older men look more distinguished and can sometimes look good on younger men too. Beards without moustaches look stupid. I wouldn’t like to kiss a man with a beard and here’s why:

  2. YES - my Dad has been bearded throughout my lifetime. I can’t imagine him without it and I think he looks good with it but kissing someone with a beard would be like kissing my dad (shudder)

So,this guy will really weird you out.

For the record, I never had contact with my Dad, but I understand that my husband looks a lot like my Dad. My “father figures” were my uncles, and they were all clean shaven. I don’t mind seeing a nicely trimmed beard, and good goatees will make me weak in the knees. However, I want my husband to remain clean shaven (he has very thick facial hair, and kissing him can be painful).

Exactly what YoudNeverGuess said

My dad had one back before I was three, when he went into the Air Force. I liked him better without it, but if he hadn’t had an awful huge 70’s 'stache I might have liked him with it as well.

My boyfriend has a short beard, which is okay by me, but I think I’d prefer him without it. But it’s not a big deal to me either way.

  1. Yes, very much so.

  2. I think so. I vaguely remember pictures and I believe he had a 'stache. I didn’t spend a lot of time with my father growing up (or after, for that matter). My grandfather, whom I did spend time with, was clean shaven. Best friend’s father (like my own dad), beard & mustache. However, I do not like a full beard - goatees, yes, but only if they are attached to the mustache.

Sing it, sister! There is something so fucking wrong about it. The look is half-baked. Unfinished.

My husband has had long hair and a long beard/mustache since 1967. I wouldn’t recognize him in a crowd if he shaved.

Forgot to say my dad is cleanshaven.

  1. I don’t much like solo mustaches, but a beard is a huge factor in my ideal “type”. Men are hairy and I like them that way. I’ve been with a few shavers, but I always felt like I was crawling into bed with a little kid. Creepy

  2. Yes, my father’s had a full beard my whole life, I’ve never seen him clean-shaven.

I do see the quasi-freudian parallel, but I don’t care. Beards are nummy. :slight_smile:

I am definitely not a fan of facial hair. It looks good on some men, I just don’t happen to find it attractive.

And yes, my dad has always had facial hair. Usually mustache and beard, but sometimes he switches it up and shaves the beard off. I remember him trying the clean-shaven look once when I was young, and to his great chagrin, my mother laughed at him and told him she’d forgotten he has almost no lips. He grew it all back pretty quick after that.