i’ve found myself the perfect wife
no man could ask for more
she’s deaf and dumb
and full of sex
and owns a liquor store.

I think you may have the wrong idea about this message board. Its fundamental purpose is to combat ignorance.

Heh heh heh heh… Yeah… you do that…

Seriousely, Dude, what the Hell are you on?


Here we go again…

Hang on a second, I think the OP makes a good point. Women should be obediant, cook dinner, do the laundry etc. If my woman steps outta line I soon put her back in her place. Women should not spoke unless spoken to, and they certainly shouldn’t form any opinions of their own.

(wheres the sarcasm smiley?!)

Most Dopers try to learn from life,
not posting til they’ve lurked some.
Dear bullets, you might heed this word,
so you don’t appear so jerksome.

** bullets,** not funny or appropriate.

**Miss Magic8ball,/b] trim your sig to no longer than 4 lines, please. Or I’ll trim it for you.