Women's Lib

There has been a women’s lib campaign at my college recently (I can’t figure out why but thats not my point here) and there have been numerous signs and posters put up. Now one I saw listed the signs that your college is sexist. One of the signs of a sexist university was lack of a women’s center. Now what I’m wondering is what in the name of the seven sons of Agabar is a women’s center and why do women need their own center, I mean wouldn’t the regular student center work fine?

is there a men’s center? if not why should there be a womens center? - if so is anyone interested in starting one?

the only thing that can be argued to be sexist is if there is a mens center AND womens center was barred from forming.

Here is the answer you’re eventually going to get, so we might as well get it out of the way now.

What some feminists will tell you about this seeming double standard, is that the student center, in effect, IS the men’s center. They will likely say that use of the center facilities is given a greater percentage of the time to men. That information available at the student center does not take into account the different health and safety needs of women. Men HAVE a place to go when they need these facilities, but women in some ways, do not.

Thus, a separate facility would be providing them with equal access to the same privileges men receive. They have perceived that this is not the current case. And they could be right.


The odd thing is that chances are pretty good your college used to have a “Ladies Lounge” and that previous feminists lobbied to have it removed because it was sexist.

If that is the case, it could be because feminists might believe that being provided a place with mirrors in which to powder your nose is not the same thing as having access to things like necessary health information and space for mostly-female organizations to meet.

I don’t believe anyone has seriously referred to it as “Women’s Lib” since about 1974.

   Well, I doubt that there would be unequal time given as the student center, when used for events at all, is used for unisex or women run events. The examples I give are a casino night run by the student government and a male auction run by one of the sororities. As far as information goes I haven't seen any up for either sex and also as far as facilities go women have the advantage there too with the men's rooms located on the lesser used second floors of the buildings and the women's on the more frequently used first floors. I would say that women definitely have more clout on the campus partly due to their 3:1 advantage in numbers over the guys.

Well it was short and I couldn’t remember at the time how to spell feminists.