Women's t-shirts, 2x, 3x (26/28)

I bought a bunch of t-shirts for working out in the last year and while I am still very much working out (yay!) I am increasingly disappointed in my stupidly long torso and am hating how all my shirts fit me.

So I went and bought a ton of men’s tall t-shirts, because apparently women’s long plus-sized t-shirts are UNHEARD OF. Different rant for a different day.

Anyway I have 10 gently-used or even un-used women’s t-shirts from Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant, Old navy and Just My Size. Some say XXL some say 3X and some say 26/28 but they are all for 26/28-sized women. One is a tank top, two are crewneck and the rest are v-neck. They are either solid colored or striped.

Only one has a stain, a little bleach stain on the front. The rest have really rarely been worn. This is a non-smoking house but only since February. Also they have been worn in the presence of smokers.

None of them have ever been in the dryer, so they are not shrunk. They’re all either cotton or a cotton blend.

I’d be happy to post pictures if anyone is interested.

I’d like to sell them as a lot of 5 or 10. $3 a piece plus whatever shipping costs.

Gonna give the shirts to charity, I’ll ask a mod to close this.