Wonder how the SDMB 2 is doing

So do any Old Regs ever check back to see?
Sometimes I do but not often. It’s still there.

Also I thought if any “Old Evil Regs” replied I would see what your new names were


How does a non-old reg find it?

Unfortunately, YOU can’t (unless you also have an AOL sign-on).

For AOL members, the address is: aol://5863:126/mB:371209.

There have been 25 posts on 3 threads in the last week.
In the week prior, there were 20 posts on 6 threads.

Most are simply having fun with the empty, echoing halls. The couple of attempts at discussion faded off after two or three posts.

The old AOL/SDMB General Questions board is similar: 100 posts on 11 threads in the last seven days. Most is MPSIMS material. We did have a troll coming by (under two sigs) calling the REGs meanies for a few weeks, but I haven’t seen it in several days.


Wow, it’s still there?

The most interesting discussion on the old board right now is probably the crumbling teeth. :wink:

I never participated in the SDMB2. It seemed to have had too much of a political flavor for my taste…