Woo Hoo! I am learning how to program!

So yes, it might sound like a crazy thing, but yes, I’m terribly excited about this.

I went through a BA in a poly-sci major and the beginning of an MA in the same before I realized that my home was in computers. I’ve been a computer nerd all of my life and it’s time I came to terms with that. That’s why I stated a MSc in Computer Science. I am in a program that offers a sort of catch-up program before starting the actual graduate level of things.

Now I’ve been doing this a few weeks, but I must admit that I’m really excited. I’m only taking two classes right now. My first is an entry-level C++ class. I have to admit that I really love it! I don’t imagine that I’ll try to actually do much in programming in the end but I’m enjoying it at the moment!

I have been doing my assignments as soon as I get them and I really love the challenge. Our teacher gave us an assignment due two weeks in advance and I finished it a few days later quite quickly. It’s nice to exercise a part of my brain that I never did before. I really love it.

However, I am having a few problems with discrete math. I think the problem is due to the fact that I essentially had to absorb three weeks worth of class in one day, because it is a once-a-week class. I just need some time with a textbook to sit down and absorb all of the new concepts. It’s totally foreign at the moment but I’m not terrible at math, so that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I feel really good about the progress so far.