Wood rot - can I just ignore this?

One of the window frames in my house has a small area of rot damage. The source of the moisture (old caulking and a poorly designed drainage channel) has been repaired, but the damaged wood has not. I am really, REALLY hoping that I can just ignore this for a while, until we have enough money saved up to get the windows replaced. This will probably take a couple of years.

Now that the source of the moisture is gone, is it possible for the rot fungus to spread to the surrounding dry wood, or will it just die off on its own, or what? I’m hoping it will at least just stay where it is, as this would be a pretty complicated repair to make.

There’s a product called Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer that is good for repairing dry rot without replacing the wood. It’s made by Smith and Company. You can read about it here.

Minwax wood hardener http://www.minwax.com/products/wood_maintenance_and_repair/high_performance_wood_hardener.html

is a thin, brush-on product that will “petrify” the rotted wood and stop further rot. good stuff

Don’t ignore it, it will spread. Use one of the products mentioned above and fix it.

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Chiming in to mention that I used that product (along with some related products by the same manufacturer) last fall to stop further damage to a fairly large chunk of beam under my house. I was very pleased with the results and the ease of use.

Some info.

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Thanks guys.

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Having had lots of experience with dry rot over the years, may I make a suggestion here that is real quick, dirty, and surprisingly effective.

Since your rot doesn’t sound too big, and the cause has been fixed, I would just dig out the rotted wood and then dowse it with full strength Clorox. That will kill most anything going on. Then you can either ignore it or cover it up with wood filler.

I had some rot in the bathroom floor in a cedar cabin at least 20 years ago and used this method. No problems since.

BTW - don’t try this on boats. Nothing works on boats. Except dowsing them with kerosene and lighting a match. Hate wooden boats!!!

(Dowsing: Magically finding water. Dousing: Thoroughly wetting with some liquid.)

I can say wood rot will spread. I lived in a building that went from decent to horrible because of small little problems involving water and rot. Nothing is worse over the course of time than wood rot and/or water damage. You can ignore it for a bit, but it’ll cost that much more to correct later on.

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