Woody Allen Is A Scumbag (rant)

This is old news but I am heavily involved in adoption issues and the rights of birthmothers on a daily basis and with Woody Allen back in the news with his latest movie I just had to rant. And yes I am a Christian and before you flame me I will just remind you that 'Christian’s are sinners too" Yes I am wrong for feeling like this but I haven’t jumped the hurdle yet.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were lovers for over ten years. They never married, but they were as close to being married as you can get. She bore him a natural son; they adopted 10 special needs children as parents and they worked together.

Their lives unraveled when Mia discovered that Woody had been taking intimate photos of their adopted daughter, Soon-Yi. Eventually, Woody married Soon-Yi. This began when Soon-Yi was 16 and Woody was her father.
[bold](Now he is father and husband!?)[/bold] Isn’t this technically incest?

I am well aware that Soon-Yi was adopted prior to Mia & Woody getting into their relationship so he was not “legally” her adopted father but he assumed the “traditional roll” as father.

When taken to the courts this story of Allen’s obsession with Dylan, it found no proof he had molested Dylan, the court said he had behaved with gross inappropriateness towards her and demonstrated a complete lack of fitness as a parent.

He apparently believes his own hype that he is totally innocent and this was all the by-product of neurotic, jealous, Mia. I believe he should have been prosecuted for incest at the time. Or, at the very least, statutory rape. The man needs and deserves some time in jail. I suspect the inmates would make sure he knew what it means to be powerless and insignificant and in dire need of a sugar daddy to protect him. I believe there is a very special place in hell for men like this.

Tell me how this scum can go on to adopt a child (possibly 2) with his (adopted daughter/wife)?
Money! That is the only way he could have. Only an agency or orphanage wanting to make mega bucks would convince a judge to let a man who crossed the boundary of being a father to lover adopt more children. Did the potential birthparents not consider Allen’s track record with children? Perhaps the birthparents had no say in the home that their child was going to be placed. Someone should have looked at his background! Shame on the
agency that helped him get custody of another child. His latest adoption was a girl. Hmmmm what happens when Soon-Yi doesn’t want to come out and play does that mean daddy will go play with new baby and make her his own trophy?

While I have not seen “all his movies” I have read up on some just for the highlights of knowledge. (This was before I became active in adoption issues) His movies are sex-obsessed and neurotic. His new movie with Jason Biggs &
Christina Rici portrays a girlfriend who can only have sex with other guys. She is a total basketcase. The plot for “Manhattan” was an indication of his what he was really about, since he, as a teacher, started diddling with an underage student Others, such as Crimes and Misdemeanors present complex moral dilemmas.

He is a sick individual and should never have had the privilege of adopting a baby.
He thinks he is neurotic now………just wait till one day the birth mother of Soon-Yi and his child comes looking for their children for a reunion. (Perhaps he is counting on them not showing up since they are foreign) He is going to have a lot to answer to!

And three cyborg daughters.

Woody Allen might be setting off your “creepy alarm”, but got any evidence he’s guilty of molestation? And you say he should have been prosecuted for incest, while admitting that technically, it wasn’t incest at all.

Wow, I’m glad you’re not in charge of the criminal justice system.

No I think it IS technically incest!

Since Woody Allen was no longer Soon-Yi’s legal guardian, it’s not legally incest. But it squicks me out just the same as when stepbrothers and stepsisters hook up.

“Woody Allen is a perfect representation of Democratic ‘family values’.”

  • paraphrasing Newt Gingrich

Woody Allen is part of the liberal intelligensia and so will not be prosecuted for anything.

There’s a new movie out called “Jeepers Creepers 2” or something. The guy who directed it was arrested for child pornography and child molestation. This was BEFORE the movie came out. But because it’s Hollywood and he’s a liberal, it’s considered bad manners to mention it. The movie is about a bunch of teenage boys trapped on a bus who get molested by evil spirits or some such nonsense. He also directed the movie “Powder”.

Here’s a link to an article about it. I know I’ll get flamed for McCarthyism (which is much worse than child molestation of course) or some such nonsense, but you may be interested.

His latest movie blows too.

No, it’s NOT!

Christ, get a grip. There’s a lot more out there to get worked up over than 10 year-old paparazzi bullshit and Christian definitions of “incest”. If he had been her adopted parent, then yes, it would be. But since he was not, it is NOT.

Sam-Who’s got no love for the Woodman, but doesn’t think he “committed incest”.

I’m assuming that I’m misreading this, and you aren’t, in fact, condoning or supporting prision rape as a means of punishment.

That being said, Woody had his trial and was found not-guilty. Fine.

Would I want to be married to him? Hell no. However, I’ve enjoyed a number of his movies, neurotic or not.

Well, she wasn’t their adopted daughter. She was the adopted daughter of his lover. There does not appear to be any legal status “as close as you can get to being married without actually being married.”

Heck, if that grosses you out then you really don’t want to know about the adult daughter who had a child with her father somewhere here in California. There line: “Consenting adults.” And no, they did not try to get married. Happened a few years ago, so I’ll try to find the online site for it if I get some time later today.

:SLAPTOOSILLYTOLIVE: Make that “their line” as opposed to “there line.”

Creepy, over-the-top of what I personally consider normal social behavior? YES.

Committed incest? Nope…don’t see it.

FTR, I think he’s a total nut and I would keep my kids FAR away from him but I’m not sure wishing him to experience prison rape is the way to go.

Soon Yi was not Woody’s adopted daughter. She was the adopted daughter of Mia and her previous husband Andre Previn. Woody never had guardianship of her.

During their relationship, Woody and Mia kept separate residences. Soon Yi never lived in the same home as Woody at any time during her childhood. For the most part, Mia spent the night at Woody’s so he didn’t even spend the night in the same house as Soon Yi during her childhood and didn’t even know her at that time.

It is an oogy situation but it is not incest.


You ever hear the phrase, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse?”

One reason this is true is the requirement that the law define what acts are legal and what acts are illegal. When the law gives people fair notice of what conduct is prohibited, then they have every opportunity to conform their conduct to the law, and they may not be heard to complain that they didn’t know a particular act was illegal – after all, they had every opportunity to know.

The other side of that coin is that when the law fails to criminalize conduct, we cannot come back after the act and proclaim that it should have been illegal.

Criminal statutes are construed in favor of the accused. If a law is vague, it’s the accused that gets the benefit of the doubt, by the same philosophy as indicated above.

With those thoughts in mind, perhaps you’d care to share how, “technically,” Mr. Allen’s conduct qualifies as incest.

  • Rick

No I do not support prison rape. I was just angry and didn’t get my point across the way I would have liked to.

If we’re doing outdated Hollywood rants:

Ingrid Bergman is a big ol’ ho-bag!

Errol Flynn needs to keep his trousers zipped!

Charlie Chaplin is a commie!

Carole Lombard’s got a mouth on her like a teamster!

Mae Murray is nuttier than a squirrel’s nest!

Hey, why restrict it to Hollywood?

Warren G. Harding is a scalawag!

Personally, I have no idea what so many people are worked up about.

Age difference? Whoopdie-doo. Is it because they think he’s a dirty miscegenist?

What the hell?

*He was in a commited relationship with Mia for 10 years taking on the “traditional role as father to the children”

*He was taking nude photos of a girl who was underage

*He was presumably having relations with an underage girl

*He acted inappropriately towards his other children and was restricted from seeing his children without supervison YET he was granted the PRIVILEDGE of adopting another child.

*IMO he crossed the boundry of being “adopted father” and "lover. Yes I know that he did not “legally adopt her” but he took on the role as a father figure.

*He cheated on his lover with her daughter
As far as the other people stated above as being scum I don’t know the stories behind those people to comment.

I guess it just really bothers me that it is an HONOR & PRIVILEDGE to adopt a child. A potential parent should have a good background as a “foundation” for adopting the child and promising to do their best to raise them. I just think he is a nutcase and I would never allow him to adopt my child and think it is a travesty that a judge grant him permission to adopt one considering his background.

Money speaks loud and clear when adopting children…always has and always will. This is most unfortuante. We can only pray that the man has gotten some help, that his relatives and friends that surround him keep a close eye on the kids and the situation, and are responsible enough to protect the kids!

My biggest problem with that administration was the way they made the Secretary of the Interior the Fall-guy. :slight_smile:

No, he didn’t. Previn was and remains her father figure. He never lived with her and didn’t meet her until just before they started their relationship, yucky as it may be.