Woogle Image game (warning: yes, another silly game thread from me)

I almost feel embarrased posting this because it’s another silly idea. But I considered, like a fart, it’s better out than in.
For no apparent reason I Google Imaged ‘Woogle’ and found some interesting items. (Like this, a child’s toy)
So here’s the object of the ‘game’ (it’s not really a game, there’s no winner, it’s just something to do) -

  1. Using Google Image search find the most interesting image with the previous poster’s word (see step 2). If you find nothing, or nothing interesting then modify the word slightly or try a new word.

  2. Modify a noun to make it more childish or cartoonish, making sure it still sounds rougly like a real word (so you might make ‘telephone’ into ‘bellyphone’ or ‘keyboard’ into ‘beeboard’)

  3. Follow step 2.

Forgot to suggest a word.

I assume we’re supposed to post a link to the image?


My new word is “fonkey”.

What makes you think that’s a childs toy?

Judging by the time between OP and first (real) reply this thread won’t do well. I’ll give it one try and see what happens.

‘fonkey’ had one interesting pic, but it was a 404 not found so instead there’s this

new word: aberica
( :slight_smile: like ‘america’ with a blogged dose)

Maybe it has <ahem> other uses, but the page found containing the picture said it was a child’s toy.

No toy results came up. Searches for “fonkey toy” only gave me Donkey-on-girl sex pages ( :eek: ), so I’m just going to use Lobsang’s new world, which led to THIS

My new word is “Praystation 2”

I got this for aberica which would make sense.

Two really good ones get a 404 error. This is just somebody who can’t spell.

crosses fingers while hitting preview

freakle got scantily clad girls, but they were all ‘unauthorised to view this page’ :frowning:

So this is freakle

‘Praystation’ :smiley: sounds like Engrish Biggirl.
New word: ‘saxamaphone’
(ok, so that’s not unique. ok, try ‘bossages’)

bossages came up with thishere

New word is “flockey”


glopsicle stick

or just “glopsicle”

“glopsicle” does not match any documents.


Only image for lilibow: http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-SanJose/4159/lilibow.gif

Modified to riribo gives me: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~jo2lgn/riribo.jpg


Here is a lilbow (though actually its a lili bow, since its a more interesting pic!)


Apparently there is a Miggle toy company out there. Lot’s of made up word toys out there.

Since this is all in Japanese, I don’t know exactly what it’s supposed to be, but I think it has something to do with computers.

Nothing came up for “surbrise”

But “sur brise” gave me this cool architecture:

Next: spendle

One of two hits I got for the word.

How about Nuggle?


New word, “monkaphant”.