Woohoo! New hero of the week!

You can raed about it here. The guy sees a chopper fly over his house and land in his neighborhood, and grabs his AR-15 and starts whipping rounds at it! He thought it was a terrorist, while in fact it was a cop picking up a friend (another no-no).

How’s that for taking matters into your own hands! I salute this guy for doing exactly what his hyper-reactive government would want him to do.


From the linked article: “Maybe I overreacted, but I did feel this was terrorism at its utmost,” Chwaszczewski said.

A helicopter landing in a residential neighborhood? OMG, what other possible explanation would there be for that?

Well, OK, in-flight emergency. That’s one possible explanation. But besides that, it would HAVE to be terrorists, right?

Well, yeah, a medical emergency. I suppose there’s a chance it could be picking up a patient. But besides the IFE, or medical emergency, it would have to be terro…

What? Police using a helicopter to pursue a suspect? I guess that’s another possibility. Someone landing in a residential neighborhood to pick up a friend? That’s illegal, but not unthinkable.

OK, so maybe there are several logical explanations for a non-terrorist to fly a helicopter over my garage.

But, dammit, I got an AR-15 and I wanna shoot me a terrorist!

Maybe he didn’t even do it.

Man may only have imagined shooting at helicopter.

"But Williamsburg attorney Pat Kelley says Chwaszczewski imagined the shooting because of what he called “mental health issues.”

Prosecutors are investigating that possibility."

Indeed they should.

I think, maybe, somebody should, I don’t know…take away his assault AR-15. At least till he overcomes some o’them mental health issues.

“Mental heath issues”, an AR-15, and an itchy trigger finger. Yeah, I want this guy living next door to me.