Wooohoooo I bought a house!

Yep, I did, I bought the house I paid off two years ago. My divorce is finally final and I had to pay a small sum to repurchase my home! It’s mine now, Sue’s house, comfy, cozy and welcoming! Feel free to come by and visit anytime!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will be over tomorrow for the house warming. :wink:


Woohoo! Congrats! When’s the party? :smiley:

I’ll be over tonight with the champagne, I’ll pick up PCW on the way and we’ll PARTY!!!

cool beans Sue…now all you need is that magic fingers bed and your set for those canadian winters…

Hopping on the first plane out. Congrats Sue! Sure wish it was next to mine…

Woo Hoo! May I consider this an invitation for when I finally get down to Canada? :smiley:

What the hell, I’ll drop by. Is dinerish tonight OK? Lots of red meat and a cold Molson, if you please :wink:

Congrats, Sue! You rock, woman!

Beer, Food, you are all welcome, cmon down and lets celebrate!!! Thanks guys, its a great feeling to be moving on.

You da bomb Sue! Can I come over now even though we’re divorced? :smiley:


Wooohooo, no more psycho neighbors. I hope you don’t have much farther to go to work. Of course there are a few drawbacks, you have to shovel the snow and it’s a little too late to get the garden in this year. Of course you will have a private area where you and Ethan can make snow angels.
P.S. I’ll bring chocolate and beer :wink:

Congrats, Sue!

Congratulations, Sue! :smiley:

For you, Sue, a statue of an elephant with his trunk pointing up. Supposed to be good luck in a new home and better luck when you give it to another friend with a new home.