Word 2000 crashes on Win XP Pro

A limited user on a Win XP Pro machine.
Word crashes either after opening a document or not opening a document.
Sometimes with an offer to send a report, sometimes not.
Sysclean and MacAfee find no viruses.
I’ve deleted NORMAL.DOT and uninstalled then reinstalled Office.
Any ideas?

Are you sure you deleted the right copy of normal.dot? Do you use roaming profiles?

I did a search and found two copies, deleted both.
We don’t use roaming profiles.

Is there anything in their Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP or Program Files\Microsoft Office\Officex\STARTUP folders?


Does Word run ok under a different user account on that machine?

No, limited user and administrator crash alike.

What happens if you start Word in safe mode (Start, Run, winword /a)?

You’ve installed Office 2000 SP3, right? Check this link.

It crashes.