Word 2003 templates in Word 2007

I currently have Word 2003 with Visual Basic 6.5. I have made a bunch of templates, some of them with tons of VB code. When they inevitably make us upgrade [sic] to Word 2007, will these templates still work? Is there anything I need to do in the upgrade process to ensure that they do?

I have templates made in Word 2003, some with macros, that all worked perfectly after installation of Word 2007 with no special action needed. VBA in 2007 is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with 2003, and Word 2007 is also fully backward compatible with Word 2003 files (.doc and .dot).

ETA: I use VBA, not VB. So I’m not sure what you’re doing.

ETA 2: I just did a Help/About in the VBA window (from my machine still running Office 2003) and see that it references VB 6.5. VB within Office is normally referred to as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) so that’s what threw me. Office 2007 still uses VB 6.5 but the object models have been updated to include RibbonX, which I haven’t delved into yet.