Word to PDF: show/hide "track changes" in pdf?

Sometimes I have to update documents that are published on an intranet site. I write/edit the text in Word, but publish the documents as pdf. It is important that other people can see the changes I have made, so I always make sure to convert the document with “track changes” showing.
The problem is that sometimes the documents are rather heavily edited between versions, and while it is important that the changes can be seen, I also want people to be able to select the “final” version of the documents (easier to read & comprehend).

Is it possible to retain the show/hide “tracked changes”-functionality in a word (docx) to pdf conversion?

No, but you could accept all the changes and put in Word comments describing what they were. Then you can convert the Word comments to PDF notes when you create the PDF. I would probably do a previous version with tracked changes and a current version without.