Word tracked changes problems – a file/database I can edit?

I have a document with tracked changes that have gone bonkers. I received it with a smattering of tracked changes, and after a few rounds of editing and saving (on multiple machines, but those are all set to the same name/id) it’s awash in comments and changes. But about a third to half of my changes have been attributed to the earlier name. I can use the date/time stamp to tell which were mine and which were hers, but in a hundred-page document with literally thousands of changes, there’s too many to do on the fly. Since she worked with the initial team, the task manager I’m sending this too will want to know where there are substantive changes and where the changes are strictly editorial/analytical.

Is there some hidden file I can open and set things straight?



By the way, I thought about going the accept all/compare docs with the original, but since some blocks and spacings have been added/deleted I’ll just get a giant mess.