Words or phrases that you hear a lot more in movies than the real world

Inspired by the “Silence!” thread.

In that one I mentioned the large number of movies featuring upper class people who tell a room full of servants to “Leave us!”.

Diogenes mentioned that “Let’s get out of here” (or some variant thereof) is probably the most spoken line in movies.

What are some other lines that you hear a lot in movies but not so much in the real world? (Doesn’t have to be exact- there are lots of paraphrases.)
A couple that come to mind:
“This is bigger than you can possibly imagine” (used a lot in non-supernatural thrillers)
“You are dealing with things you can’t possibly understand” (used a lot in supernatural thrillers)

G, as in “deliver 100 Gs in unmarked bills.”

“It’ll work because… it has to!” Cue dramatic soap opera stare.

“You just don’t get it, do you?”

ETA: Oh, looks like somebody already linked to that in the other thread. Still, it’s pretty funny.

You just don’t get it, do you?

“Kill him!” or “Kill them!”

As opposed to something more bureaucratic or euphemistic or professional sounding.

We find the _____, we find the ______. (As in “If we find X, it will lead us to Y”, but shortened to create drama)

Examples…usually said by cops that just stumbled onto a clue that they feel is a huge break in the case:
We find the truck, we find the drugs.
We find the knife, we find the murderer
We find the wallet, we find the rapist


The phrase “Psycho-babble-bullshit” appears frequently in movies, but I’ve never heard it in real life.

We have a winner.
My entry: “We’ve got company.”

“That’s it!”

Because that’s exactly what everyone says as soon as someone else feeds them the last missing piece to their brilliant idea that will always save the day (although while also at the same time managing to kill a second tier character just so we know the situation is serious.)

I have never heard the wilhelm scream in real life. But I hope to some day.

Whats annoying is since I’ve discovered this I cant stop noticing it.

In real life, people often ask me for the date. They’ve never yet followed up with a wild-eyed request for THE YEAR!

Someone addressing another person as ‘old friend’.

The whole, “You make me want to be a better man,” line of bs is only in movies…well, I hope so anyway.

When I completed the interview process, and was eventually told I had the job, no one described me as ‘the chosen one’.

They went on to not tell me that designing databases applications was my ‘destiny’

“Take evasive action!”

Or, you know, just get out of the way.

“So this whole time you were just dating me for a bet?”

“They’ve done it! With grit, and nerve, and character, the plucky, ragtag, talentless underdogs have beaten the three-time champs. What a result. And what an inspiration for all the talentless ragtag underdogs out there watching!”

I’ve only ever said this for real once in my life. It was… not fun.

Nothing new to add at the moment but I wanted to let Sitnam know that even though he made me laugh hard, he is now on my curse list for pointing out an oddity I hadn’t realized before and that will now, invariably, take me out of a movie whenever it occurs. Thank you very much. :smiley:

The Other Waldo Pepper, I knew a mathematician student at the university who loved to pretend he is a time traveler. It was funny the first ten times. Mathematicians.

Without his hover board, he wouldn’t have escaped many deserved beatings. [/lame joke]