Words that end in "GRY". Don't shoot the messenger.

Hello, my name is Coldfire and I’m about to either solve an ancient mystery, or I’m about to get my ass flamed off for being utterly gullible (a word that isn’t even in the dictionairy, by the way!). Maybe a bit of both.

I have a link for you that displays a list of words that DO end in “GRY”, other than the known “hungry” and “angry”. I have no knowledge of the validity of the information (admittedly, the website’s address is hardly uplifting in this respect). The link does, however, explain the origins of this Urban Legend.

I humbly submit: http://www.uselessknowledge.com/trivia/gry.shtml

Thank you. I will bend over to receive my ass-kicking now.

SO, how was everybodys weekend?? Mine was sucky but good. (ignore the troll and he will go away)

Not for nothing, Coldy, but “gullible” is in the dictionary.

I just looked it up.

And Satan (He who ignores) actually beat you (by more than six months) to listing every single word in the English language that ends in -gry.

Um…B_Line…I think when we have threads devoted to how much we love Coldfire, it’s a good assumtion that he isn’t a troll.

That link contains a UL itself, one that has been repeated many times, even by Cecil himself–specifically that the “original wording” was a trick question.

No one has been able to cite a source for any “original wording” that predates the “birth” of this question, supposedly the 1975 radio talk show.

All references to “original wording” and the “trick question” aspect postdate that program.

Lacking any evidence to support it, all we have is that people have reported that other people have reported that they heard that the original was a trick question.

No matter how many times you repeat it, without any evidence to back it up, it does not make it any more true.

It might be that the original was a trick question, but there’s no proof.

It might have been meant as a wild goose chase all along.

Sorry, but I’m a die-hard skeptic.

Umm…SwimmingRiddles…I know. Its was a joke. ::mutters:: …jeez…try to be funny around here…

Ha! The Riddler got whooshed.

And they say there’s no God.