Words that sound better with an accent.

I tend to enjoy with someone with a Brittish accent says “ordinary” or “aluminum”

Yes, yes I am very odd.

What say yous? Anything sound better in another accent for you?

Irish: Shite
British: F*ck

Yes, Mercutio, you are very odd.

But so am I


Spanish for ‘pencil sharpener’, but it sounds much cooler than that.

Anything. Any word or phrase sounds better if spoken in an Italian, Irish, British, French or Australian accent. In my opinion anyway.

naughty with a British accent, as in…“you’re a bit naughty, aren’t you?” It’s just so…swoonable. :wink:

when Jack Batty says it :smiley:

My grandmother-in-law (my wife’s granny) is British. I love it when we go to a restaurant and this small, lovely, very proper 80-year-old English lady orders a “hot dog.” Not an American “hah’dog” (the ’ = glottal stop), but a “hoT! dog,” with the T clearly pronounced.

I also liked it when she said “helicopter” once (HEL-ly-cop-tah).

It’s really fun to curse in a drunken Scottish dialect.


I never liked the pronounciation of aunt as ‘ant’. It sounded better pronounced as ‘ont’.


I always thought “torsion bar suspension” should be said with a Swedish accent.

Better with a British accent:

f*ck, coke, baby, bunnies, my name, honey, and a whole host of others…

Thanks for the suggestion, Lsura. I will have to ask for “naughty.”