Words you inadvertantly add letters to when typing

This post reminded me: fantasty.

Ratio always comes out as ration. Guess what word got used hundreds of times in my thesis? I wonder how many times it was misspelled?

I always add an extra ‘d’ to “adgenda”. An extra ‘s’ always sneaks into “ressurrection.”

I used to misspell “separate” alot, but somehow managed to shove a “two Es, two As” meme into my brain when I get to it these days.

“Ratio” always becomes “ration.”

For “any,” I’ll type “andy” embarrassingly often. I don’t even know any andys.

That is exactly the one I came in to post: always and without fail, that “n” creeps in.
And, after typing the previous sentence, here’s another: “exactly” always wants to become exactkly or exactlky, although I think that’s more a case of fat fingers.

I randomly add the first letter of a word to the end of the previous word. For instance: “andt hen” instead of “and then”.

Eveidence. I have caught myself adding the extra e when handwriting it out, too, so it must be a thing with me.

yoiur, coiurse always the ou combo gets an i between them.

Not my place to tell you. But I there is a ‘businessy’ word in it.

MicroSoft Word has a feature under Tools, Autocorrect where you can type in the words you often mistype and then have it replaced with the correct spelling.


Every single time, it’s “abotu”. For some reason I can’t write “about” correctly on the first try.

Also, I just wrote “frist”. Argh. Stupid fingers.

I do that one sometimes. It makes a kind of sense because there are a lot more English words ending in -tion than in -tio. The one that makes no sense to me is why I mistype supreme as supremem. Reminds me of the story of the little girl who knew how to spell banana but didn’t know how to stop.

“Occaissionally” I just can’t figure that word out.

I always spell “count” as “couont.” I have no idea why.

It was Nanny Ogg who knew how to start but didn’t know how to stop. I love that book!

I often add an e to the end of with. As someone said, though, I do it in writing too, so it must be my brain, not my fingers.

Reading notes written from my inlaws, primarily my MIL. The first time I read anything of hers I was completely lost. Now I am fluent in her Deutschlish.
“Went” is usually spelled “Whent.” and “Got” Becomes ‘Ghot’. There are a few others, but those two always ghet me. Oh yeah, Ghet = get.

Phonetics. I ghots it.

Hellow. I also always think aswell is one word.

Words ending in ‘a’ often get a ‘y’ added when I’m typing them. Apparently, I can’t tell the difference between the state of Florida and a day of the week!:smack:

I also typo my own name embarrassingly frequently: nroinew instead of norinew, as an example. I guess I should be grateful my name doesn’t end in an ‘a’. :smack::smack: