Words you inadvertantly add letters to when typing

I just emailed someone saying I have to go to my grandmother’s funderal.

I know how to spell the damn word, but every single time I type it, it comes out as “funderal” and I have to go back and correct it.

Same with “actual”. I always type “actualy”. I am not thinking “actually” in my head, I’m thinking “actual”. My fingers just add the extra Y without any conscious thought. When I mean to type “actually”, I spell it correctly.

I guess this is some motor memory based on similar words commonly typed. I used to work for a company called Womex, and for years after I left I couldn’t type the word “women” without substituting the N with an X.

But funderal and atualy? No idea. (I know there are other words that I do this with too, but can’t remember what they are at the moment.)

Anyone else have this problem? Any theories as to why? Any idea what my hands think they might be typing in the above examples?

I type enought and I have no idea why



Annoying as hell back when I was editing logic problems and using the word “enumeration” a couple of dozen times a day.

How about words one inadvertently misspells? :smack:

I always misspell separation. Shit, I just did it again. Thanks, little squiggly red line.

I have a tendency to add es to the ende ofe wordes. I think my brain thinks it lookes quainte.

Attachement. Bit of a pain when you spend all day sending attachments to people.

cornfused. But oftentimes that spelling works, anyway.

I don’t add letters. But for some bizarre reason when I intend to type ‘Strong’ my fingers type ‘String’.

They even did it just then, for ‘strong’.

My last name is a very common word + one letter. The word is very often used as a variable name in the Web sites I program, because it’s sort of business related.

So I am often typing out my last name instead of the correct variable name when I’m working. Thank Og for Intellisense (lets you choose variables from a list)!

I’m sure it’s pretty much just fat-fingering, but words ending in -ion often end up ending in -ioin. Makes me wonder if my Irish ancestry is trying to break out somehow.

I struggled to work out what you meant until I remembered what your last name is :slight_smile:


I invariably type stanbdard, stansdard, or something totally off the wall.
And my fat fingers usually add an m with my commas.

If I can ever learn to spell the word ‘definitelly’, it will be one of my major life’s accomplishments listed at the top of my eulogy. I have learned how to spell it over and over again but there is something about that word that is just screwed up. I have to try every single variation I can think of until the spell checker finally accepts it.




I can spell definitely (according to Firefox’s spell checker at least)


I can’t think of any. My struggles with spelling over my life have almost always involved the wrong vowels or leaving out letters rather than putting extra in. I still don’t understand why we have so many double consonants that don’t seem to sound any different than a single would. Okay, little and struggle might sound different, but would different or still?

I am always typing enought and thought, when I want to type enough and though.

I always stick a ‘g’ on words that end with ‘in’ (i.e., again).

I type “developer” ten thousand times a day.

As a result of this, I find myself frequently typing “developement.”

(I think that’s what you call it when deviants elope.)