Work conflict question

I have to work with someone who for some reason does not like me. And she’s not a nice person, to put it mildly. I would like to transfer to another project I worked on before to avoid this person. There are many projects so this would not be a big issue. (it’s a big place)

They could say no to the transfer and get ticked off at me . Even if they say yes they might not be happy. I am going to say this is a personality conflict and not say who it is with. (I assume they might ask me who it is)

Anyone here been through this type of situation and what was the outcome?

As a backup, I am also applying for jobs at other places that I have a good shot at.

Yes I have. I requested to be moved out from under a certain supervisor. In my case, I made the mistake of not specifying where I’d like to go. So I wound up working midnight shift for a couple of years. I wasn’t put on mid’s as retribution or anything. In fact it was a promotion and worked out OK if you discount the lack of sleep.

Can you talk a little more about how this all manifests itself? Is she at the same level as you, or senior? How much control does she have over your work?

Your bosses are probably already aware that this is a difficult person to work with. It might be a positive asset to you if you were able to work with her and complete the project.

Just something to consider. Sometimes doing the difficult things earns you more respect.

I’ve dealt with this before. I ended up changing companies to get out of that mess.

Hope you have better luck than I did (although the new company rocks, so I guess it was good overall).

I would make the request about moving towards something, not away from someone. Find a project that you think is a better match for your skills or something and make the case that way.

I’ve had to move teams to get away from a personality conflict. In the one case, the woman had been there longer than I and had a reputation as being threatened by people with more experience (as I was).

A couple of times over the vast [del]centuries[/del] decades, I’ve been approached to work on a project and raised the issue that someone didn’t like me or I really didn’t want to put up with their shit. In some cases that was sufficient to get me assigned elsewhere. When it wasn’t, the fact that I raised the issue calmly and clearly before we started tended to work in my favor when bad things happened, because management was aware that there could be an issue and it was (mostly) clear after the fact that I wasn’t the one inciting it.

She is a manger but luckily not my boss. However she does run this project I am on. She’s been there since college in the 90s and likely will be a lifer, doubt she ever leaves on her own. I don’t think she has a bad reputation but she just took a dislike to me right away. Possibly she may not have wanted to hire me but was overruled by my boss. Maybe a friend of hers got turned down for a job when they hired me and that ticked her off - seen stuff like that before.