Workin Hard: It's Hard Work!

Bush may give speech to nation on economic woes

Thinking is hard. It’s Hard to be president and have to think about these hard things. I know Mr. Bush feels our economic pain more than anyone. I hope he doesn’t bust a bloodvessel thinking so hard about giving a hard speech which is goddamned hard to give.

“In other words, doing work is a hard thing to do.”
That is without a doubt, my favorite Bush-ism, how he’ll say something so absolutely rudimentary about something, and then launch into the ol’, “… in other words …” and then say the exact same thing over again.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in a way, I’m going to miss that man.

Jay Leno remarked the other night that he thinks Obama would be best for the country, but if McCane gets elected it will make his own job ever so much easier.

Reminds me of the hard-working woman who was just trying to “put food on her family.”