Working on a blog post for my marketing class: Running a business like Beyoncé


So I am working on a project for my marketing class and we were asked to incorporate marketing concepts and pop-culture into a blog post so I had to go with Queen Bey! Take a look and let me know what you think!

Sure, I’ll click an ambiguous link from a brand-new poster! I love doing that!

All faith in humanity has been lost because of the internet ;(

Really, it’s for a marketing class project, nothing nefarious going on here!

Exclamation point is a nice touch.

Look, if it’s for a marketing class, why don’t you ask your fellow classmates for input?

Exclamation point is a nice touch? I thought it was just a punctuation haha

And it’s a group project and we are all competing so my classmates aren’t as included to take a look at it. Though now this has become a fun experiment in finding ways to convince people on the internet that you are an actual poster and not a threat of some kind… not that I blame you for being worried about what’s presented on the web, fake accounts got a president elected after all!


No, we won’t do your homework for you.